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The Importance of a Detox after Major Surgery

Detoxing after major surgery is very important for several reasons. One of the most important reasons to detox is the use of anesthesia and other medications that were used to perform the surgery. One of the ways anesthesia is eliminated from the body is by breathing deeply. After surgery, a nurse or physician’s assistant will come in and have the patient take several deep breaths. This will be repeated several times over the first few hours after surgery. The nurse will suggest doing this for several days after surgery to make sure the anesthesia is completely gone from the lungs.

Depending on what type of surgery was performed, the body may have been exposed to several different types of toxins and bacteria. The body is weakened by any surgery. Exposure to bacteria can cause an infection. Detoxifying the body can eliminate bacteria and other harmful microbes from the body. It will also begin a healing process that strengthens the immune system.

Surgery to perform an organ or body part that was infected or full of toxins can also be another reason to detox. A gallbladder full of stones or an enlarged appendix are both examples of organs that can become toxic. If either ruptures, the patient could die of peritonitis. If the infected organ leaks any toxic material into the wound while it is being removed, the body can become toxic as well.

Detoxifying the body after surgery cleans out the toxins and wastes that were released by the body during surgery. It also removes the residue from any drugs that were used during the surgical procedure. Drugs and toxins are stored in the liver while they are being filtered out.

Drinking plenty of water and eating raw, high fiber foods can help force toxins out of the body. The more water you drink, the faster the toxins are flushed from the body. Taking an herbal supplement that supports the liver may also help with cleansing the body. Milk thistle capsules may be able to flush some of the toxic residue from the liver. Goldenseal taken in small doses makes an excellent tonic and will help to fight any infection found within the body.

Continuing to breathe deeply for several days after surgery, will ensure their is no anesthesia drugs left in the lungs or other areas of the body. It may take up to 3 or 4 weeks for all of the drugs to be flushed from the body.