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The Factors Killing Testosterone

Testosterone is a vital hormone. It’s what makes men! Without it, the reproductive systems, muscles, bones and hair would all suffer. Unfortunately, there are many things out there that are constantly killing testosterone production! With a little bit of reading, you’ll be able to know what might be causing your low testosterone, and how to fix it.

As a society, average testosterone levels have been decreasing over the past 50 years. There are many factors that may contribute to this decline, and many are things that people can change. Lower testosterone levels in males can cause a wealth of unpleasant symptoms, such as fatigue, depression, hair loss and a decrease or elimination of the sex drive.

Obesity is of major concern for testosterone production.Obesity can cause an increase in conversion of testosterone to estrogen, since this process mainly occurs in fat cells. 37.5 percent of Americans today are considered obese. There has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the past few decades, and now it is known that along with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and strokes, low testosterone can be attributed to obesity. Losing enough weight to bring your weight into your healthy weight range can reduce the symptoms of low testosterone.

Plastics might be a source of concern for our declining testosterone. Studies have been done on the effects of plastics people are exposed to every day, and more and more are showing that they have a negative effect on testosterone by raising estrogen and cortisol levels. These plastics are everywhere…just think of everything that you use throughout the day and what it is made of!

Diets are filled with artificial fillers and chemicals. Humans are also growing more and more fond of ‘low fat’ or ‘no fat’ foods. The truth is that human bodies depend on these fats to produce testosterone. Of course, it is always smart to avoid the “bad” fats, but eating a healthy amount of eggs, nuts, whole milk, and oils might help slow the decline of testosterone.

Going to the gym, and running on the treadmill for an hour is the best exercise, right? That is what fitness trends seem to be suggesting, but it is not entirely true, at least as far as testosterone production goes. Regular cardio exercise will boost testosterone, and keep you in good shape, but resistance training has been shown to have a much more significant effect on testosterone levels. Changing your workout regimen to include heavy Olympic style weight lifting might have a strong positive effect on your testosterone levels!

The jobs you do, 40 hours a week, have changed in decades past. As technology increases, you rely less and less on hard physical labor. If you are sitting behind a desk for your 40 hours, you are not producing the same amount of testosterone that someone working in a field, lifting bails of hay for 40 hours will produce. You can help to close the gap a little bit by doing some exercises at your desk or in an empty conference room.

It is important that a man’s testosterone levels are kept in check. Testosterone production naturally decreases as men age, but if it is declining too fast, lifestyle changes may help, but of course, talking to a doctor or healthcare professional is always a good idea.