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The Fact about AIDS

The story about AIDS have been lived on and many more people are still dying of the disease today. For those of you who don’t know the story about how HIV started in effect, it’s pretty simple! The story was about a person who had sex with a monkey, nothing more.

So since the history has been known, why are most people still infected today? The answers are pretty simple. There are still more and more people having sex with dogs, cats, horses and other animals. If you need proof, you can simply go into google and type in farmsex.com, or just farm sex. You won’t imagine how many websites you would find along with so many stupid people out there who is so into having sex with animals, and if you ask me, it’s really disguisting!

The thing that I don’t get is how these people are getting away with placing their pictures and videos on the internet? In fact, I don’t see how they can even enjoy the pleasures from animals. I can understand if they don’t get arrested for having sex with animals, but if they end up having sex with other people, those people may never have a clue to what they’re dealing with!

The cool thing is that the police catches sexual predators through the internet because most sexual predators have been emailing underaged girls and trying to convince them into having “fun” with them and it gets broadcasted through the news, but so far, I haven’t heard anything on the news about the police catching people on the internet having sex with animals! I guess that maybe the reason why they haven’t investigated on that is because no one knows of the website well enough to inform the police about it. The other thing is, it would be hard for the cops to prevent people from having sexual intercourse with the animals because the only way to really prevent that would be to band the whole world from having pets!

The comment about the best way of preventing the spread of HIV really isn’t getting through to most people though, because if it did, they wouldn’t be infected then. Using condoms wouldn’t help either because some of the condoms are made out of lambskin, and everyone should know that all skins have pores. So whatever dumb company who came up with using lambskin is a real idiot! Other condoms do tend to break as well, but the thing is, if the woman is the one who is infected with HIV or AIDS, the fluid excretes from her area and will soak through the pores of the man’s skin. Good condoms would only work if the man is the one who is infected, or if the female uses the female condom which is wider if she is the one who is infected. In my opinion, those who are infected shouldn’t even risk the chances of having sex with another person, but still, there are those who are infected and wouldn’t say a word to the other person, and that is why couples who don’t know eachother need to get checked for HIV or AIDS.

The best way to prevent the spread of HIV is not by taking the other person’s word if they tell you “I don’t have HIV or AIDS”, but for the both of you to go straight to the clinic or the hospital and get tested. Assuming is another word you shouldn’t risk either. People who are infected with the disease will not show any symptoms until it worsens. In other words, they will look perfectly healthy for the most point. Don’t risk it.