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The Effects of Red Wine on Skin and Health

Many people like to enjoy a bit of wine with dinner, but it is said drinking too much alcohol is not healthy. Although heavy drinking has negative health benefits, but drinking red wine may benefit your health if you drink in moderation.

Many research is done and scientists are convinced that there are several reasons why moderate drinking of red wine is good for our health. Drinking two glasses for men and one for women has cardiovascular health benefits; drinking more will result in losing all these health benefits and may cause more health problems.

One or two glasses red wine will relax the blood vessels and provides a better circulation of your blood to your heart. This alcoholic beverage also contains substances to lower blood pressure and has a blood thinner effect. Drinking more will increase your heart rate and result in a higher risk for heart diseases.

The reason moderate drinking of red wine may benefit your heart can be found in the presence of tannins and flavanoids in red wine. These substances will raise the levels of good cholesterol (also called “high-density lipoproteins-HDL). Red wine has also antioxidant properties which will reduce the bad cholesterol (also called low-density lipoproteins-LDL). Both properties declares the reason that drinking one or two glasses red wine will lower the chance of developing heart diseases, for example heart attack and stroke.

Red wine contains polyphenols which reduces the risks of food poisoning. These antioxidants are found in grape skin and will help clean the body from toxins. Polyphenols also gives this wine a red color. Red wine reduces the chance to get diarrhea and other stomach problems. Polyphenols are also helpful to promote healthy skin.

There is also research done which indicates drinking wine may prevent certain cancers. Resveratrol in red wine is responsible for fighting cancer and also helpful for your memory.

While drinking moderate red wine contains health benefits, this drink doesn’t cure diseases. It is only helpful to prevent certain diseases but it is a good idea not to exaggerate the health benefits.

These attributes in red wine tend to benefit your health but doctors are not anxious to consider red wine as a healthy beverage; red wine contains alcohol and will increase your calories and also your weight. The positive effects are limited and the risk of drinking too much is always present. Alcohol is addictive and may result in more health problems.

Drinking red wine is also associated with a higher risk of migraine and other kind of headaches. Alcohol is always a risk factor for migraine and headache but especially the redness of wine is a trigger to cause more headaches. Tyramines, histamines and sulfites are chemical substances in red wine which are responsible for these headaches. These chemicals are also used in white wine but the level is higher in red wine and is more associated with headaches.

How you drink wine is also important and it is important to choose quality wine. It is preferable to choose a well known brand and to drink slowly. Drinking too fast will also cause headache and it useful to drink red wine with food to prevent liver problems.

Enjoy drinking red wine but it is best to limit the quantity to one or two glasses each day and this will also provide you the ability to sleep well and feel relaxed.