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The Effects of Eating Late at Night

Eating late at night can have awful effects on health. A very noticeable one can be weight gain. Laying sedentary for up to eight hours means what one consumes at night is not necessarily going to have good weight conotations to it. For women, it can mean wider hips and thighs. As people age, it can mean sagging muscles and other tissue, aggravated by weight gain from nighttime eating. It is a vicious cycle that feeds on itself, leading to poorer and poorer health choices…and the subsequent widening of the waistline… Therefore, eating late at night is high on the list of big no-no’s for diet and health.

Unfortunately, many people eat late at night out of stress, anxiety, apprehension and other negative emotions and problems. Munching and overindulgence on foods can end up being an all-day problem-never mind the night. But the night can have more serious repercussions to health, and actually help to feed the vicious cycle of overeating, and eating poor food choices. Poor food choices is a big issue here. For the poorer the choice, the worse the weight gain is going to be, and therefore the overall decline of health. Ultimately, your sleep will be affected by eating bad choices at night. too. Couple that with gaining weight, and other health repercussions, and one has a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes, people have a light snack at night, out of hunger. However, others indulge in a literal smorgasboard, sinfully indulging in some of their favorite entrees’. These overindulgences can also become food addictions. But, generally, the late night food devourings is more a part of the negative emotions-one thing leading to another. Learning to cope with everyday stresses by not reaching for your favorite bottle of syrup to drink, helps to ease your stress levels down to a more manageable level. As your stress starts to stabilize, eating at night should just come down to more moderate choices. It’s okay to eat ice cream if you are not eating it, or other similarly-themed dietary choices on an everyday basis, especially at night.

Also, if you are eating far more worse choices late at night, and may find it hard to stop, just substitute carrot sticks, celery and a muffin, Additionally, trying to stay away from soda pop and caffeine-rich drinks also eases the strain on your system. If you can’t right away, eat far less of the overindulged food choices that are spread out over time. Your system will love you within a few months, as all negative side effects of glutinous behavior starts to ease.