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The Changing Scenario in Hivaids what Older Americans need to know

The President of the Republic of Cameroon, His Excellency, President Paul Biya, has offered an award of 5 million francs to an HIV/AIDS researcher for his contribution to the development of a vaccine that could fight against the pandemic in his country.

Professor Anoma Ngu, former Minister of health and renowned researcher in Africa, received the award barely 2 years after launching his appeal fund under “ANUMA NGU FOUNDATION”, for the production of his HIV/AIDS vaccine called

Cameroon government at that time, released 100 Million Francs CFA as support for the professor’s courage to venture into scientific inquiries that could lead to clues about the mysterious infection.In spite of this appreciation, the discovery of VANHIVAX has received sharp criticisms from local and international scientists who have often questioned the procedure adopted for the production of this vaccine. Professor Anoma Ngu had, however, explained at a press conference that his vaccine is produced from human virus, and that it was capable of arresting the volatile replication of the Virus that causes AIDS in humans, especially if the patient’s CD4 count did not fall below 400.
This explanation appears not to have gone down well with his critics who contended that any research which did not respect conventional scientific norms, such as “trials”, was bound to fall below international standards. They further questioned why the treated people , as claimed, could not move
forward to make public testimonies in order to establish credibility to his claims.

But the professor describes his challenge as ” cultural hindrance”, making reference to the stigma HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries have usually been labeled with.”i have a list of 20 patients already treated with the VANHIVAX and my interest is only to do the job and not to be elated by acclamation”, he told this writer last weekend.

Asked why the researcher did not work with some United Nations organization, he had this to say: “I regrettably remember that i had received some American scientists from the “LIPID SCIENCES” USA, but these are the people who disappeared with my formula without acknowledging our partnership.
However, a mist these thesis and anti-thesis, Cameroonians who are carrying this Virus are desperately looking up for assistance in the area of treatment, and many of them have not been consistent in taking the anti-retro viral drug which is seen to be the only effective solution to the present problem.
Statistics, in spite of mass campaign efforts to mobilize the sexually active group against irresponsible sex behaviors, are increasing rapidly in Africa. The battle is losing grounds and most parts of Cameroon, for instance, have the prevalence rate of 13%, while some villages are feared to be totally wiped out in a decade to come.

In fact, professor Anoma Ngu’s “HOPE” clinic is now having hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients who pay 40 thousand Francs CFA for a Six month treatment.
According to Dr. Giddo , medical director at St Joan of Arch, Buea, South West Province, he referred a patients to “HOPE” Clinic and he returned negative. ” i received a patient who tested HIV positive in my clinic, but when I referred him to professor Anoma Ngu, and after undergoing his treatment for
sometime,he tested negative”, the medical director told this writer without disclosing the identity of the patient.