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The Carbohydrate Debate do Low Carbohydrate Diets Work

I would leave home 45 minutes earlier than I had to so I could go to 711 for breakfast. I’d get a French Vanilla Cappuccino and two glazed donuts. I’d also buy fruit juice and potato chips for lunch. My weight skyrocketed to 286lbs. My knees hurt, my back ached, I was always tired. I decided to try living the low carb way. It allows me to eat as much meat as I want, no calorie counting, no looking for fat content. I eat meat with every meal, so I thought this would be a snap. I didn’t know that I was a carb junkie.
Experts say we should eat 2500 calories a day including 300 grams of carbs. My cappuccino and donuts were 95 grams of carbs. By breakfast I was 1/3 through my allotment. I don’t remember everything else I put in my mouth before lunch. A hand full of chips here,candy from a dish there,and more coffee with lots of sugar. All loaded with carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates are a food category. They make your muscles run. Bread, rice and cereal are examples. They break down into sugar which your body uses for fuel like a car uses gas. Significantly cut carbs and your body has to look elsewhere. It has to burn fat to survive, no middleman, no exercise. The first few days of decreasing carbs to 40 grams left me irritable,dizzy,and hungry.
I began thinking about what I ate in a day and planning meals ahead. This was not easy. If I was full from lunch I didn’t care about dinner. I began reading food labels and drinking more water. I started to care about what went in my body. I wasn’t a big eater. It was more what I ate and when. This was my food day.
Cappuccino 57 grams.
2 glazed donuts 40 grams
McDonald’s w cheese 37 grams
Small French Fries 30 grams
Small Hi C fruit punch 26 carbs
Milky Way candy bar 36 carbs
6 fried chicken wing 18 grams
celery sticks 1.5
loaded baked potato 21.5
small coke 36grams
key lime pie 52 grams
Cashews 1oz. – 10 grams
Small bag Potato chips(BBQ) 47 grams
6 Oreo cookies 60 grams
Grand total of carbs 472
This self destructive path hurt my body. I began low carbs in July 2007, I’ve lost 46lbs. and haven’t exercised one day. I do cheat, but that’s OK because I never consume more than 150 carbs a day. I did the jump start plan of the KimKins diet for two weeks and went through carb withdrawals before my body began to readjust. By the end of two weeks I was fine. If you do low carbs correctly you wont ever be hungry.
This is an sample menu of a low carbohydrate meal day.
cup high fiber-low carb cereal
1/3 cup milk
1/8 medium melon
1 oz almonds either slivered on cereal, or whole Lunch
Throw It Together Salad: Bag of salad greens 4 cups, with half a sliced avocado, 2 Tablespoons sunflower seeds, 3.5 oz of protein like, deli turkey, egg, beef, chicken, fish, or tofu,2 Tablespoons sugar-free Italian dressing
Swiss and Ham Roll-Up:1 oz sliced ham, 1 oz sliced Swiss cheese,with sugar-free mustard rolled around a medium dill pickle
Basil Chicken with Vegetables
Dessert: cup ricotta cheese with desired flavorings, such as Sugar-Free Flavored Syrups, coffee and sweetener, unsweetened cocoa and sweetener, or berries.
Nutritional Analysis: 49 grams carbohydrate
I have been doing low carbs for the past nine months. I have lost 55lbs. My knees are fine. For every pound of weight you lose you take four pounds of pressure off of your knees. My back feels great too! I began with the KimKins Diet boot camp but have modified things for myself. There are many websites with tons of information, recipes, and advice on how to live a low carb life. Have your rice,or a piece of birthday cake,or a sandwich,just not too much. That’s the way we should be eating anyway. Moderation and willpower are the keys to success.

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