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The Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil to help your Immune System

There are many products on the market today containing something called, “tea tree oil”. You see everything from facial cleansers to herbal teas, lotions, creams, shampoos, and more, but what is this stuff? Why is it so popular?

“Tea tree oil”, is a natural oil extracted with steam distillation from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, indigenous to Australia. It is an, “essential” oil, which means that, it is a natural essence or extract from plant material. It smells like camphor and can be used orally or topically for healing many ailments and skin disorders.

Aborigines have used tea tree oil for healing many cuts, burns and infections by cutting the plant leaves and applying them to the skin or injury.

Tee Tree oil contains something called, “Terpenoids”, which are antiseptic and antifungal properties. Experts believe that Terpinen-4 is the most prominent of these oils that speed healing because of its anti-microbial activity that kills off bacteria and microbes. Microbes are those nasty little microscopic organisms that can transmit disease.

Tea tree oils can be used to treat Athlete’s foot, head lice, vaginal itching, immune problems, skin problems, like Acne, dandruff, contact dermatitis, cold sores, blistering, cuts, scrapes ringworm, warts and eczema and to relieve the itching of hives and insect bites.

How does it help boost your immune system? Well, skin is one of the first barriers that invaders to our body, has to confront. Our skin, when healthy, helps to keep infections out of our bloodstream. It can be used as a massage oil or lotion.

Being germicide, anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial; tea tree oil, used in lotion, cream, body wash and shampoos can add a strong shield against these invaders, killing them off before they have a chance to enter our bodies; invaders which can cause many infections, colds, flu and viruses of which, HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus, is one that can possibly be prevented with tea tree oil’s use.

It promotes sweating which can eliminate various toxins and threats from our bodies since sweating is the body’s’ natural way of eliminating harmful bacteria and fungus. Mother Nature has a way of taking care of everything if you let her.

It is helpful to reduce the agony of head colds and can be used as an expectorant to rid your lungs and bronchial tubes of mucous.

As a medicinal preparation in dental products like mouthwash, toothpastes, etc., it can resist and even kill bacteria that we breathe or get from contaminated foods and liquids. This makes it a great way to avoid airborne viruses that can cause some serious health problems. It has also been used during oral surgery.

Sometimes it can be a problem, creating rashes or swelling, when used orally, but it is not a common reaction. You should use a drop or two under the tongue to make sure that you will not have a reaction to using it orally. Unless you are very familiar, it is best if you are careful with oral use or buy pre-prepared products that are made with the proper amounts of tea tree oil. (As with any substance, using too much can result in possible overdose or in rare cases, death, so don’t go drinking a lot of this and complain that suffered because of its’ use. Too many good natural alternatives have already been removed from the market by the FDA because of irresponsible peoples’ mistakes. Be fair to the rest of us who are responsible with alternatives.)

Usually 1tsp. per half pound of body weight is a toxic dose, so don’t guzzle the stuff. You should primarily use it topically for the best results. When used properly, it can be like a miracle from many people.

It can be used like eucalyptus in an inhaler, as aromatherapy to relieve the sinuses and help heal the lungs.

I use it regularly for allergic contact dermatitis and hives. (Although sometimes it can produce rashes when used for contact dermatitis, I have had no problem with it at all.) I can personally vouch for its’ ability to stop itching and reduce swelling related to these irritants. Not to mention that it actually softens my hands. In short, the stuff really works!

Tea tree oil is mostly safe to use on both humans and animals, so your pets can also reap the benefit of this amazing extract.

Note: If you find that you are allergic or sensitive to this substance; discontinue use and consult your doctor. Allergens are everywhere and it’s sad that many times we don’t know what we are allergic and sensitive to unless we try it first.

Hopefully, you will find it as wonderful as I do and it will relieve many symptoms and help you to be virus free for years to come.