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The Art of Making a Smoothie

Sick of shelling out $6 for a watered down smoothie at the mall? Ready to try making your own? Just follow my helpful instructions, and you’ll be sipping your very own delicious smoothie in no time!

Step 1:
Pick the right ingredients.

But what exactly are the right ingredients?
I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you can put ANYTHING you want in a smoothie.
It’s YOUR smoothie.
Remember that.
With that in mind, I’ve found that some ingredients work better than others:

vanilla yogurt (although any yogurt will work well)
frozen strawberries
frozen blueberries
pretty much any fruit, fresh or frozen-even grapes
orange juice
pineapple juice (TIP: this tends to give smoothies a better flavor than OJ)
broccoli (yes, you can put veggies in a smoothie)
crushed Oreos (not the healthiest choice, but tasty nonetheless)

Here are some ingredients that do NOT work well when making a smoothie:

potato chips
hot dogs
carrots (they’re delicious in a casserole or with ranch sauce, but they suck in a smoothie)

I’ve found that all smoothies, no matter what fruit/vegetables you use, taste best when yogurt is included in the recipe-this is what creates the “smooth” part of your “smoothie”.
Also, I don’t use measuring cups-just try to make sure to include at least (approximately) 2 cups of yogurt in your smoothie-or about 25%-50% of your blender pitcher.

Step 2:
Place ingredients into a high-quality blender. Be careful not to put frozen fruit in first; this will create an “air pocket”, making it difficult (or even impossible) to blend your smoothie. I’d recommend the following order: yogurt, fruit/veggies (if you are using frozen AND fresh fruit, layer the frozen fruit first), and juice.

Step 3:
Blend your smoothie carefully. You don’t want to over-blend, because then your creation will be runny and milk-like (imagine a glass of milk with chunks of fruit floating in it). I’d recommend using the “Pulse” or the “Crushed Ice” setting on your blender-but only push each button for a few seconds at a time! It’s also helpful to gently stir your smoothie a few times while blending it; this ensures that all of your ingredients will be crushed and blended.

Step 4:
Serve (and enjoy) your smoothie immediately! If you wait too long to consume your smoothie, it was taste kind of funky. Eat it ASAP, or freeze it (smoothies tend to freeze pretty well).

Okay, Smoothie Master-I’ll see you in the kitchen!