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The Affirmation Program how to Quit Smoking and never look Back

I started smoking for one of the stupidest reasons ever. Someone told me I wasn’t aloud to. Boy, I tell yah, I sure painted their little wagon red. I really showed them who was in charge.
Before I knew it I could smoke up to two packs of cigarettes a day, more if I went out drinking. I smoked so much my lungs hurt. Like many nicotine addicts, I quit and started again several times and had pretty much given up hope. What was the point in even trying? I felt like such a loser. I would quit in the morning, and sometimes buckle by night. That evil nicotine had me in its clutches and wouldn’t let go. So I smoked more and felt even less healthy. I managed to quit once for three months, but the whole time it felt like a lie. Before I knew it, I bummed a smoke off some stranger and got back on the merry-go-round. I made nicotine a part of my life for a few more years.
I got a chest lining infection and had to go on antibiotics. The doctor told me I wasn’t going to get much better unless I quit. I kept smoking and eventually the infection went away. Then I got shingles, and I knew that I was really hurting myself. I still couldn’t quit. I got bronchitis, and then the chest lining infection came back.
I tried the patch. No good. I tried that antidepressant type prescription to make you quit. No good. I had to do something. That was when I came across affirmations.
It sounded silly, affirmations. How could writing down some words and repeating them every day make me quit smoking? I wasn’t convinced at first, but decided to give it a try. I formulated my affirmation. “I am a healthy nonsmoker.” Every day I wrote this down fifteen times and repeated it aloud in the morning and at night. I made no plan to actually quit. I just kept doing this every day and I kept on smoking.
Slowly, I must have worked on my subconscious mind, a bit at a time. Nothing really happened for about three weeks, and then I noticed a few changes. The whole issue kept going through my head. Maybe I didn’t need cigarettes to cope. Maybe they really didn’t really relax me. It seemed like I almost could see the truth behind all that smoke.
One morning, about four weeks after I started the affirmation program, I got up in the morning and I only had two smokes left. I decided not to stop at the corner store on the way to work. I just drove right by. I was stronger all of a sudden, and I said to myself, Enough is enough. I am going to quit today.’
It was a very hard day.
I have not smoked since, and that was five years ago. I have used affirmations on other issues in my life and they work well. There is no doubt in my mind that they are very useful. I never have cravings for cigarettes, and I am not tempted in the slightest by cigars. Why would I be? I am a healthy nonsmoker!