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The 4 Day Diet

Sceptical dieters who are in any doubt that the latest diets just don’t work, will be pleased to hear that the acclaimed diet writer Ian K. Smith MD has produced ‘the 4 Day Diet’ book. The author introduced his previous book, ‘the Fat Smash Diet’, as the only diet you will ever need, but has now gone on to produce yet another diet, showing that the success of one diet book leads to another best seller, and yet another diet. It is the nature of the diet industry for diet writers to continue to churn out new diets proving once and for all that their previous acclaimed diet was not the ultimate anything.

‘The 4 Day Diet’ is rather misleading for anyone expecting a 4 day diet, as it is actually a restrictive 28 day diet which involves an additional 10 days to mentally prepare for the challenges of the diet. Still, there was a gap in the market for a 4 day titled diet to compete with the rival 3 day diets, 5 day diets and 7 day diets. Dr Smith has reduced his previous diet program from 90 days to just 28 days in his 4 Day Diet. Confused? The 28 days of the 4 Day Diet are divided into 7 phases each lasting 4 days, which each have their own handy 4 day title.

After one has mentally prepared to diet then the 4 Day Diet begins with a 4 day induction period of detoxification and cleansing, before moving through another 6 phases known as transition, protein stretch, smooth, push, pace and vigorous. The 4 day smooth phase allows the dieter to indulge in some forbidden foods so represents a welcome respite from the other 24 days of the 4 Day Diet.

Every 4 days the type and quantity of food consumed are changed, so the dieter never has chance to become complacent. During the full 28 day program exercise is incorporated which will be quite rigorous and is an essential component of the program. Dr Smith recommends that dieters include a daily dose of psyllium in water, for adding fiber to the diet. Fortunately he does not sell the psyllium supplement himself, a practice most diet gurus who recommend supplements engage in through online stores.

The 4 Day Diet is targeted at dieters who get bored when following a regular diet by introducing the 7 different phases, and will appeal to those who like the ‘diet as a mental journey’ philosophy, rather than the practical types who realize they simply eat too much. The whole ‘diet journey’ craze is quite popular with dieters now, who can find a slew of diet books which concentrate on this aspect of losing weight, rather than the more old fashioned approach of counting calories and eating cottage cheese. Luckily for Dr Smith his diet is proving very popular with dieters so is likely to outsell his previous ‘Fat Smash Diet’.