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Tension Headaches

There are many people who suffer from tension headaches. Many may confuse a tension headache with migraine headaches. The two are not the same. Tension headaches can be very painful and unbearable. There are methods that you can try to prevent the tension headaches from occurring and there are methods that you can do to relieve the pain from your body.

First, you need to know the symptoms of a tension headache. Be careful, migraine symptoms are similar and can be easily identified as a tension headache. When you have a tension headache, you may feel a tightening or dull pain on one side of your face. You may also experience sensitivity to noise or light. You may also feel tightening in the neck or it may feel like the veins in your head are being pulled very tight. You may feel as if a truck has just ran over your body; completely helpless. The pain can last for hours or days. The pain may go away after you relax and reoccur at a later date. I have experienced tension headaches for over four years. After years of torture with pain and visiting different doctors, I discovered what works and what does not.

There are ways to try to avoid a tension headache. The first thing you need to know is the symptoms that I discussed previously. Second, you need to write a journal and keep track of what you are doing at the time of the headache. You also write down your environment, the location of the place where the headaches usually take place. The tension headaches can occur when you are driving, if you get stressed over traffic or get into an argument with other drivers, you can definitely get a tension headache. Some people get a tension headache while at work. The work can be stressful or the people you work with can cause you stress which is very hard to avoid because you have to work. The tension headaches can also occur when you are in the company of certain people. You may be in a relationship that you are worried about or stressed out about. It can be certain family members that can upset you. My doctor explained to me that if I was to write down the time and place where the tension headaches would occur, I will find the source. I began to write a journal and noticed that the tension headaches came when I was at school. I changed my major which was nursing to writing and noticed the tension headaches stopped. It is obvious that nursing was too stressful for me. It hurt to change my major but my health came first. If possible do not expose yourself to places or people who may be of stress to you. You may have to end a relationship with someone who is causing you to be angry too often. These are factors that can cause a tension headache.

Yoga is excellent for tension headaches. If you can join a health club that has yoga or buy videos that show you how to perform yoga, you will see the difference it will make in your life. Yoga deals with breathing and meditation which is very good for stress. If you perform yoga at least twice a week, you will help nyour body to relax. It works.