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Ten Weight Loss Tricks

Ten weight loss tricks

You can trick your body into losing weight, simply by doing the unexpected.

First, be aware that your body mass index is important when you want to lose weight, as it provides a guideline with respect to what your approximate weight should be, in relation to your height. Note that this can still vary depending upon your body build.

What is body mass index?

“Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to men and women.” (1)

Now that you have determined what you should weight, use the following tricks to begin losing weight.

See yourself as someone who can lose weight.

Do you look in the mirror and see someone who can lose weight? If not, begin to look at yourself that way, because you can lose weight, even though your mind and body may seem to be telling you something different. Picture yourself at the weight that you want to be and then work towards achieving that goal. The mental imagery you create for yourself, will encourage you to reduce your weight. See the weight you are now, as being something in your past.

Reduce the size of your plate and cup.

You may not realize that from day to day and meal to meal, you gradually tend to increase the size of your cup and plate, as well as your portion size, simply because you feel hungry and probably enjoy eating your food. More than likely, your body does not need that much food. In fact, you will feel better when you reduce your portion size. Reducing the size of your plate and cup helps you to reduce your portion size accordingly.

Add some spice to your life.

Spicy or tangy tasting food can be tantalizing to the palate and thus, very satisfying, as well. Reduce the amount of bland flavored food in your diet, simply because most of it is likely to be bulky carbohydrates that will cause you to gain weight. You are less likely to eat a lot of spicy food. It may be those spices and that tanginess that your body is craving, not the bland food volume.

Cut down your large meals.

How many large meals do you eat on a daily basis? You really do not need to eat three, six-course meals per day. Eating only one and having several smaller meals would probably suffice. Remember that your stomach is only so large and that overstuffing it with all of that extra food will only cause you to feel uncomfortable. (Just how big is your stomach? Clench both of your fists and line them up together. Your stomach is not even that large.)

Listen to your body.

When you learn to listen to your body, it will tell you what to eat and when. Consume only as much food, as it takes to make you realize that your need for food has been satiated. You can always go back later, but your body may not want you to do that. There may be something different your body is craving. An example might be one hard peppermint candy that can easily satisfy your sweet tooth, or one square of chocolate, rather than the entire chocolate bar, to satisfy your craving for chocolate.

Learn to identify what your body is craving.

Your bodily craving may not be for food, or something to drink. You may be craving intellectual stimulation, physical exercise, or the release of creative energy, in some way. Perhaps what your body wants is to work off some of the extra sugar you have consumed. Try doing physical activity that is not food related. Find a stimulating book to read, learn a new skill, or go for a bicycle ride. Sometimes simply talking to a family member or friend about your craving can help to identify that need, but make certain that it is someone who gives you positive, constructive support and feedback, with respect to losing weight.

Reward your personal successes.

Your successes are important. Always reward your personal successes and look past your failures. Remember that you will succeed at losing weight, if you are consistently determined to do so. See yourself as being successful at losing weight. Knowing you are successful, reward yourself accordingly, but not with food. Find something that makes you feel good, like walking through a park and picking a bouquet of wild flowers, or meeting a friend for a day of fun-loving activity. Walk the neighbor’s dog, or babysit an active child for the day and see how much energy they have. As you lose more weight, your energy level will increase too.

Prepare or purchase only low calorie snacks.

Low calorie snacks are easy to prepare. Note that if you had to go out to purchase them each time you had a craving, you would probably not do so. If you are aware that you may eat the wrong kind of food, keep only low calorie snacks in your cupboards or your refrigerator. When you do have cravings you will be able to munch on them, instead of high calorie or high carbohydrate snacks that add needless pounds. Before you start to munch on any kind of snacks, place a portion of your chosen snack in a small dessert dish. That may be more than enough to satisfy your craving. You do not need, or want to eat all of your munchies at one sitting.

Walk around carrying ten pounds of sugar for an hour.

If you carry ten extra pounds of anything for a while, you will find that you feel tired, frustrated and even physically exhausted. Putting the weight down will prove to be a huge relief for you. Recognize that each time you lose ten pounds, is like putting ten pounds of sugar back on the shelf. Ask yourself, why carry senseless weight when you do not have to do so?

Begin to increase your physical activity gradually.

Increased physical activity invariably means potential weight loss. Walk your dog instead of having your children do that for you, or hiring someone else. Why pay to have someone walk your dog, when that money could purchase new exercise equipment for you and your family? Always park your car where you have to walk across the parking lot. Better still, use your bicycle, or walk to the neighbor’s instead of driving. Do some extra gardening, or plant flower beds to encourage yourself to bend and stretch. Plant some herbs to spice up your meals.

These are all simple tricks you can do to help your lose weight. Be honest with yourself and others about your weight, as your body will reveal the truth. As you begin to lose weight, dress appropriately. Place all of the clothes that are too large for you, in a box to give to someone who needs them. Feel free to find yourself something new, exciting and different, clothing that fits you better at your new weight.

Knowing you are approaching, or have reached your appropriate BMI goal for you, will give you a sense of accomplishment.

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