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Ten Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

The ten biggest weight loss mistakes are misinformation, misunderstanding and just plain mistakes. If the person who needs to lose pounds will just use plain common sense, weight loss will happen without paying out thousands because of phony TV ads and weight-loss pill bottles on supermarket shelves. Here are those ten biggest errors you can make about losing those extra pounds:

1. You have big bones: How many times have friends and family tried to placate you with those meaningless words.? If you’re a large, healthy specimen of a human being, the weight of your bones has absolutely nothing to do with the blubber you add to them.

2. Crash diet: Eating oranges only, chewing watercress leaves or skipping one meal a day for two weeks may result in weight loss. However, once completing the task, you’ll inevitably go back to gorging on 4,000 calories a day. Reduce eating amounts gradually, so that your body and mind have time to accept it.

3. As advertised on TV: Even if the guy on the screen wears a white coat, don’t believe what he’s selling. Diet pills and nostrums are advertised to con you into buying them, not to help you lose weight. If you’re so overweight that you need help, go to a real doctor in a white coat.

4. You believe Biggest Loser shows are honest: That one, as well as the ads that portray movie stars before and after dieting are phony. The movie stars are paid a lot of money to pretend their heavily retouched fat pictures on the left are real.

5. It’s OK to eat and drink advertised commercial foods that advertise themselves as having reduced fat: if you see it on TV or in a magazine, it’s a scam. When a product touts that it has less salt, less sugar or less fat, it usually means you’ll get a smaller portion for the same price, thereby reducing the numbers on the side of the box. Next time you buy a sugar cereal or reduced-fat frozen dinner, check to see how much of it is inside. Most of them don’t even take up half the area inside the box.

6. Everyone else in my office has a donut at 10 am and 3 pm coffee break. Why can’t I? OK, you can participate in the gab session, only stay away from the extra 500 or more calories you’d be adding to your daily diet. Sip a yogurt, eat a banana, and if you have coffee, skip the creamer.

7. You get so doggoned hungry at midnight that a little snack can’t hurt: Two reasons a midnight snack adds more blubber. One, if you’ve already had three nourishing meals that day, it adds more calories your body doesn’t need. Additionally, during the day, you’re active, and your body uses up the energy of your regular meals. When you snack at midnight, you hit the sack and the calories just sack in there with you.

8. What’s the use of another diet? I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained: Maybe you’d rather not live past 50. Of course, up-and-down weights are potentially very damaging to your body, especially to your heart. For your next round of weight loss, don’t think of it as a diet. Make your sensible eating habits permanent, get lots of exercise and your body will thank you for it.

9. When I go to a buffet, I just can’t resist all the food: You don’t have to resist it all. Just take one small portion of each healthy dish and stay away from the starches and fatty meats. Eat slowly and wash it all down with a modest scoop of sorbet for dessert. Pay not attention to the grossly fat people loading up their plates five times as they waddle back to their tables.

10. What’s the best exercise for losing weight: It’s the old, tried and true one. After a light, fat-free, healthy meal that totals no more than 500 calories, here’s what you must do. Place both hands firmly on the table in front of you, push your chair back, get up and walk away.