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Teething Remedy Homeopathic Teething Remedy Chamomilla Teething Chamomilla Flu

Chamomilla, or Chamomile, is used as a remedy in homeopathic medicine. Also known in the world of herbal medicine to treat indigestion, homeopathic Chamomilla is used to treat both acute and chronic diseases.

Source of Homeopathic Chamomilla

Chamomilla is made from the tincture of the whole chamomile plant. The plant, known as Matricaria chamomilla is a member of the Compositae family.

Emotional Picture of Homeopathic Chamomilla

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on physical and mental, emotional symptoms. Those who need this remedy are frequently irritable. According to the homeopathic author Guernsey, the remedy fits those who have, “spiteful, sudden or uncivil irritability.” They experience a stress on their whole nervous system, causing them to feel great anguish and discouragement. They can be agitated and restless. Children who need this remedy are known to ask for something, then throw it away and request something else. The “chamomilla person” is angry, irritable, and angry.

Children and Chamomilla

Chamomilla treats a number of childhood ailments, especially teething. Teething children can be greatly helped by chamomile. Those who have green stools or one red cheek while teething are in a “chamomilla stage” and will be helped by this remedy. Chamomilla also treats childhood colic, and is used when the child draws their legs up to reduce the pain.

Chamomilla and Indigestion.

Chamomile is a good remedy for indigestion. Those who have nausea after eating can benefit from this remedy. They may vomit after eating as well, and feel pressure on the heart along with digestive pain. The pain in the pit of the stomach burns, and they may perspire after eating or drinking as well. The symptoms are worse after eating and at night, and may be made better by drinking coffee.

Colds and Flu and Chamomilla

The Chamomilla flu has mucus in the throat and burning pain in the larynx. The person may have a dry cough along with constant tickling in the larynx and behind the sternum. The cough is worse at night and in bed and even during sleep. Anger can trigger the cough, which can be suffocating. Breathing produces a wheezing or rattling sound from the trachea.


Homeopathic remedies for constitutional or chronic disease are best prescribed by a homeopath, but acute treatments for colds or teething can be tried at home. Homeopathic remedies are commonly available in health food and specialty food stores. Dosage of 6c or 30 is the most common potency used to treat acute disease states.