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Teeth Whitening that Works

So vanity got the better of me one day and I decided to pursue a whiter smile. With accumulated staining from coffee, tea, wine, etc., my teeth looked yellow. But I wasn’t sure how to get that attractive and healthy-looking smile. The toothpastes I used claimed to whiten teeth, but they didn’t seem effective. I naturally turned to my dentist’s office for advice. As I sat in the chair waiting to have my teeth cleaned, I noticed signs for whitening procedures. I later asked the oral hygienist about it. She told me the whitening procedures they use are very effective. They take a mold of your mouth. That mold is then used to make a guard. Special whitening gel is placed in the guard and it goes over you teeth at night. Unfortunately, she explained that most dental insurance companies won’t cover any costs associated with tooth whitening, as it’s cosmetic. When she told me the out-of-pocket cost to have my teeth whitened, I almost fell out of the chair.

Just as I had resigned myself to having yellow teeth, she told me about a product Crest made called Whitestrips. She said it contained the same whitening ingredient dentists use, but sold for a fraction of the cost. The strips are thin pieces of plastic that you place over your teeth for 30 minutes. Afterward, you discard the used strips. She said I could find them in any grocery store and they come in a box with a 14-day supply. I should notice my teeth a shade whiter after 5 days. She also said the strips would not harm the enamel on my teeth. I sat in awe, amazed to hear of this cheap alternative.

After I left the dentist’s office, I went straight to the grocery store to buy the Crest Whitestrips. I found the box she recommended, Whitestrips Classic. It sold for $25. Eager to try the product, I hurried home. As I opened the box, I found two sets of strips, one for the upper teeth and one for the lower. Also included was an easy-to-read instruction book. I stood before the mirror, applying the strips with the gel side on the front of the teeth. I then waited the recommended 30 minutes before removing them. Peeling the strips off, I could see the whitening gel on my teeth. I then brushed my teeth. The instructions advise you not to brush your teeth before applying the strips.

After the second day of using the Crest Whitestrips, my teeth felt a little sensitive. The instructions mentioned this may occur and advised if you experience discomfort, wait a longer period before using the product again. So after waiting two or three days, I applied the Whitestrips again. I continued leaving a day or two in between applications to keep tooth sensitivity low. A week later, viola! I noticed my teeth were at least a shade whiter. After the third week of using the product, coworkers and friends began to make comments on how white my teeth were. The best part was my teeth seemed to stay white for quite some time even when not using the product.

The product is certainly no secret, as more and more positive reviews are surfacing. Crest has even expanded its line of whitening products to include quicker whitening systems and special toothpastes. If you want a cheap alternative to teeth whitening that is safe and effective, I highly recommend Crest Whitestrips!