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Techniques to Improving your Emotional Health

Most people grow up in a world that emphasizes the negative aspects of human life. The newspapers and television are filled with the latest gossip, wars and mayhem that do nothing more than fill the human mind with fear and worry about the future. The human race is not meant to wallow in a sea of sorrow, yet few people have discovered the way to find peace and happiness in a world gone mad.

Positive and negative emotions have their place in the human psyche. Negative emotions can stir us to taking action when faced against problems that cry out for change. Positive emotions help stimulate the mind with peace and security. To make life worth living it’s necessary to balance both negative and positive energies to balance physical, mental and spiritual health. No one can exist in a constant state of bliss, but ongoing misery is destructive and can cause suffering and mental imbalances.

Emotional health starts with taking control of both negative and positive feelings and regulating them to meet the circumstances rather than have the circumstances dictate the emotions. The typical reaction for most people is to erupt with anger and resentment. They react without thought when something doesn’t go their way. Such behavior can be expected in children, but adults should have better control over their emotions.

The ideal reaction is to use emotion to one’s advantage. Emotions should act as spurs toward reaching some goal. Those who react to circumstances can’t set goals, but goals spur positive emotions to taking action.

Of course, negative emotions are hard to handle. It takes a great deal of discipline to subdue anger and resentment long enough to see how they can produce benefits that don’t hurt someone else. Many a man or woman has made a life of misery for themselves and those around them.

In a world of stress, few people see the need to temper their negative emotions with reason and calm, yet compassion is a vital key for solving problems and smoothing out difficulties. If you find yourself filled with anger, the first thought that should come to mind is not on retribution, but on what has occurred to make you feel the way you do and finding solutions that solidify, rather than fracture a relationship.

Compassion is a vital emotion that can produce the greatest positive results. Since you are only human, you won’t do your fellow man any good by seething in hatred. Some of the most compassionate souls are household names we all should emulate. The Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela are figures of history that seek and have sought for peaceful solutions to existing problems.

Brain health depends on how well you control your emotions. In today’s world, many people are becoming more psychotic and unbalanced as they’ve lost the ability to reason or control their emotions. They live in a fog created by improper diets and lack of adequate rest. The lack of sleep interferes with the ability to think rationally.

While drugs are prescribed for depression and anxiety, they often do far more harm than good. Antidepressants interfere with the natural chemical and electrical functioning of the brain. A quick look at the thousands of cases at ssristories.com shows that using prescribed mind-altering drugs are a sure way of losing any control over the emotions. Reliance on drugs is a poor excuse for taking the responsibility to control emotions regardless of the circumstances. Anything that alters brain chemistry should be avoided. That includes overindulgence of food, sex and alcohol.

Taking control over your emotions starts with you. Too many let circumstances dictate how they feel. But self-esteem and peace of mind comes only from taking charge over your emotions to find true and lasting happiness.