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Tea Tree Oil uses

When it comes to health and beauty remedies, sometimes Mother Nature just knows best. For ages, man has utilized tea tree oil as a solution to countless issues. If you have never heard of tea tree oil, do not fret. Since it is unavailable in most grocery stores, you may just have to search just a little further for this gem. However, tea tree oil is readily available in most health food stores.

Following is a detailed description of tea tree oil and some of its most common uses:

Facial Astringent

You can drop money left and right on a myriad of facial astringents. Additionally, many of these astringents make promises and guarantees which are nearly impossible to uphold. On the contrary, you could stray from these facial astringents and go the natural route. Indeed, tea tree oil is one of the most effective and most natural facial astringents available. To use it in this fashion, you must begin by moistening a clean cotton ball with water. Next, apply merely a drop of tea tree oil to the cotton ball. Massage the cotton ball upon all surfaces of the face and neck, taking care to avoid the eye area. Allow the face to dry thoroughly before applying any moisturizer. It should be noted that tea tree oil must be diluted with water before applying as an astringent. The oil is far too concentrated to apply at full intensity.

Blemish Treatment

Since tea tree oil serves as a natural disinfectant, it is rather effective at treating facial blemishes. Overall, it is far more effective than most other products available on the market. To use tea tree oil in this manner, you must first ensure that your blemish is thoroughly drained. Begin by washing the area thoroughly with a facial cleanser.

Next, use the pads of your fingers to gently squeeze the blemish. If the blemish is ready for treatment, it will drain easily. If gently squeezing yields no results, wait a few days and try again. Also, be sure that you never use your fingernails as you squeeze; this could leading to rupturing the skin and even scarring. After your pimple has been drained, Dip a clean q-tip into tea tree oil and dab it upon the open blemish. Allow the oil to remain upon the blemish overnight. In the morning, you should see a drastic improvement in the appearance of your blemish.

When it comes to treating pimples, it is unnecessary to dilute the oil.