Tuberculosis (TB) is a chest disease that affects your lungs but attack other parts of your body such as your kidney, yuor spine, and your brain. It is passed from person to person through coughing and sneezing. In 1985 the disease began to increse worldwide . Tb has been a losing fight gor some for centries until modern technology finally discovered a cure for this deadly disease.It is rare to find cases of TB in North America. It is a bigger chance to come in contact with TB when you travel to other countries where the disease is more common.

There are two types of tuberculosis. Laten TB and Active TB. Laten TB (inactive TB or TB infection) is when the disease is in an inactive state. In this state there aren’t

any symptoms.The disease is not cotagious in this state. Active TB is when you become sick and in this state the disease is very contagious.

Some signs of active TB include:


Chest Pain

Vomating and nausea




Night Sweats


Loss of apetite

Weight loss

If you are diagnoised with tuberculosis with the proper treatment it can be cured. Depending on what type of TB you have will determine the kind of treatment you will need to be cured. Also depending on you age, health, and the location of the disease. Medication do not affect your ability to praticipate in normal daily routines.

Some medications include:

Isoniazid (INH)

Rifampin (RIF)



When taking medication for TB it is best to take one specific drug for TB because of a risk factor. Taking more than one drug will only cause more harm to you. Only active tuberculosis with a drug resistant strain will require more than one kind of medicatin at one time.Like all medications there ar side affects. These side affects are rare, but when it do occur it can be fatal. The medication for TB is very toxic especially to the human liver.

Some side affects may include:

Nause or vomiting

Yellow skin tone

Dark urine

Fever that last three days or more

No appetite

When you start your treatment never stop taking your medication even if you start to fell better. You must complete your treatment cycle to be cured. Taking your doses improparely can allow bacteria that sre still alive become risistant to the medication. This will cause TB to be more dangerous as well as more complicated to treat and cure.