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Take Care of Teeth Cleaning Tips for Teeth how to Clean Teeth Tips for Teeth Oral Care Oral Hyg

We live with two sets of teeth for our entire lives; the second set being the set that we live with the most and as a result we need to take good care of our teeth to last our lives. Any dentist will tell you that in order to avoid getting cavities or gum diseases; you have to take care of your teeth, it is extremely basic and takes a little effort because we all must take care of our teeth.

1. Brushing
In order to prevent any tooth related issues; one should brush their teeth twice a day for 2-3 minutes. A hard brush damages the teeth and gums, so a soft brush is usually recommended; you should brush all areas in your teeth in a circular motion and with a 45 degree angle between your teeth to clean hard to reach areas.

2. Flossing
After brushing your teeth in the evening, you should floss your teeth to remove all the dirt and bacteria in between teeth. During the day food can get trapped between the teeth and plaque can build up very near the gaps between teeth thus flossing in the evening will remove this and keep your breath fresher and your teeth clean.

3. Tongue Cleaning
Our tongues can harbour bad breath and germs extremely well, so one should invest in a tongue cleaner in order to remove the bacteria and prevent bad breath. Start from the bottom of your tongue and work your way up so you do not gag and get used to the feeling.

4. Mouthwashes
Mouthwashes are good for the teeth as they get rid of bacteria that the toothbrush may not have gotten rid of, so you get double the protection. It will also help to prevent bad breath. Brushing and using a mouthwash together will ensure that you are taking care of your teeth. However, there has been a rise with mouthwashes that contain too much alcohol which gives people a higher risk in getting mouth cancer, so choose a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol.

5. Foods
Foods and drinks such as fizzy drinks, coffee, tea sweets, and chocolates harm your teeth when exposed to it for long periods of time, this is why we should reduce the amount of time these products stay in our mouths as to not produce too much acid for the teeth.

6. Diet
In order for your teeth to stay healthy and strong they also need a balanced diet which contain foods such as calcium, vitamin c and vitamin d. You can eat foods such as nuts, cheese and fruits. Also make sure you drink 2L of water a day not only to maintain healthy teeth but for a healthy body.

7. Smoking
Smoking stains teeth severely especially in the long run, it can also cause bad breath and not only is costly to cosmetically fix but also extremely expensive to one’s health. Smoking also causes extremely painful gum diseases which are very expensive to fix and from what I’ve seen exceptionally painful and a long process in which to remove them.

8. Check Up
One should also visit their dentist or hygienist for regular checkups every 6 months for a good clean and to see if you have any oncoming teeth problems. You should not go to the dentist only when you have a severe problem as you could save yourself a lot of pain and money if you catch it earlier on.

9. Rinsing
As one is constantly eating food during the day, it is a good idea to rinse your mouth with water whenever you can. This will get rid of leftover food so it doesn’t cause any problems.

Caring for ones teeth doesn’t take rocket science! It just takes that little bit of effort to carry out a few basic tasks everyday in order to have healthy teeth.