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Systemic Anaphylactic Versus Contact Topical Allergies

Allergies are the result of an interference within the body and are the results of the body trying to regain balance after a immune system response that has forced it off its normal course. They can be extremely serious as in the case of anaphylactic shock or they can be nothing more than a few hives caused internally by serious food allergies or externally as seen in contact dermatitis.

The specific makeup of the person and their inherited tendencies and the health of their immune system has a lot to do with how serious the allergic reaction is. It is a rare person, if indeed such person exists, that does not have some kind of a allergic reaction now and then. It is simply the way the body is programed to assure that it stays on a balanced course of existence.

One body’s defense mechanism, the immune system, sometimes goes haywire over an ingredient it takes in while another body will have no problem with this particular substance at all. When the whole system is threatened when a serious attack occurs such as asthma, as one example, the respiratory system is reacting by trying to combat some influence that threatens to take over.

The heart may be called into action to speed up production of much needed oxygen and thus a rapid heart beat manifests itself by this over attempt at recovery. If the digestive system is involved then nausea and vomiting may occur in an attempt to get rid of the offending problems in the stomach by sending the offending substance, food poisoning, as an example, back the way it came. Soon after, diarrhea will force the offensive matter out faster, not allowing it to hang around and cause trouble. In serious allergic reactions antihistamines such as epinephrine is needed immediately to forestall a complete body shutdown, and resulting death. This is the worst case scenario.

Topical allergies are less severe than more severe respiratory distress signalling, here the skin becomes the dumping ground for offending substances of the blood. Rashes and itching appear over various parts of the body. The offending little particles of foreign substances that has been circulating throughout the blood stream gets dumped out through the skin. The skin thus becoming a trash can for the circulatory system.

Here’s how it sometimes works: You feel an itch. You scratch instinctively. Then it keeps on itching and you investigate and find a little red pimple. It eventually will clear up after a few days and you forget about it, but when it occurs again and again, you begin to wonder what is going on that causes this reaction. You eventually come to the conclusion, as I did, that your blood was only taking out the trash. But it set you to wondering how the amazing way the body has programmed itself to take care of every necessity.

Then the question arises? How did the offending blemish get into the system in the first place? It wasn’t easy. Maybe a guard or two manning the immune system task force was not up to par or was napping and the little intruder snuck right on in. Then you remember a day or two prior that you had a coughing session, your nose ran and you sneezed. Not too disturbed you made a note to replenish your supply of tissues. Then you remembered you had eaten that peanut butter sandwich and you are not sure you should have. From experience you know that a day or two after eating peanut butter you itch.

After this has been going on for years, you finally figure out that somehow the peanut butter allergy, (if that is what it is) is a minor one and somehow manages to get past the first and second stations without too much trouble. Meaning, that you can eat the peanut butter without getting a stomach cramp or going into anaphylactic shock as some who are seriously allergic to it can; but there will be that inevitable itching.

To answer the question about the distinction between systemic and topical allergies, I have tried. But have I? At first I was not sure topical meant an allergy that started from a contact on the outside of the body and thus caused serious skin rashes. But I was not satisfied with that, knowing that serious skin diseases are caused by a malfunction somewhere in the body. Their means of discard is the skin. That makes more sense to me.

As a footnote I will say read the above not as scientific knowledge that has been proved by studies and by any scientific approach. It is merely speculation by one who has been following herself around for many years trying to make sense out of allergies and all the other freakish things that has happened to her. It will do well for you to learn of your allergies and your illnesses in order that you can control them and not let them control you. Have the information ready the next time you go see our doctor. He will appreciate if you help him help you.