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Synthetic Medicine Versus Herbal Medicine

It seems like the world is rotating into the more convenient side of life. All of the things that used to require work or physical effort is being transformed into a “sit in your seat and do everything” type of environment. Looking for a job used to be a travel around town applying at various locales and now it is nothing more than a few clicks away on the world wide web. Along with these now ultra-convenient commodities comes increased health risks due to less muscular exercise and more laying around. Along with the exercise comes the synthetic drug industry to the rescue for any aches and pains you may have. These two in combination to America’s worst eating habits worldwide has led to a mere travesty of our lives.

Some, however, find that laziness and synthetic drugs aren’t for them. Naturalists, as some call them, rely solely on the medicines borne from the Earth as well as a daily routine of fitness that can simply involve daily activities such as gardening or walking. Replacing pain medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen with aspirin, an all natural drug derived from the bark of the willow tree. For sunburns and windburns, pain medication is replaced by the soothing sap from the Aloe Vera plant.

All of us get scratches and cuts every now and then. Most would reach for the neosporin and forget about it. How about the naturalists point of view? An herbal remedy for minor cuts, scrapes, scratches and bruises would be a gentle wash of chamomile made into a strong tea (chamomile is known to be an agent which speeds healing as well as eliminate foreign matter such as dirt and expels bacteria). For more moderate cuts which bleed more, a poultice of milfoil (also known as yarrow) staunches the bleeding. But, as always and a rule of thumb, if serious, please consult a medical professional especially where severe infection is possible.

A daily routine of walking (at least one half to one mile) and a strenuous activity such as jogging or gardening will help tone muscles and organs within the body. With this strengthening, muscles are less susceptible to damage due to tears, sprains, etc. Along with the exercise comes freedom from anxious pains due to stress. Daily exercise is also important to burn calories and excess fat ingested in our foods.

Altogether replacement of synthetic, over-the-counter drugs is not entirely recommended but substitution of most daily drugs would benefit most. Combined with a diet of vegetables, meats, fruits, and grains while avoiding fatty and greasy foods, exercise and herbal remedies will overall make one’s health improve, especially if used over a great period of time. Once the benefits take place, you’ll wonder why you ever avoided natural healing in the first place.