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Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathy of any sort means that there has been a loss of sensation in joints or in other areas of the body. Diabetic neuropathy is most common of all in people who have trouble controlling their blood glucose levels.

Peripheral Neuropathy causes a person to be unable to feel sensations of hot and cold, since the extremities are numb. The person affected may also have tingling feelings in the feet and fingertips for the most part, and this is often quite painful. As a result of this neuropathy type, a person may experience trouble in their coordination, and balances are disturbed. Imagine your numb extremities and trying to walk normally? With such feelings, it is difficult.

Another type of neuropathy that diabetics and others may experience is autonomic neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy is actually another type of peripheral neuropathy which causes disordered bodily functions which are things like telling when to go the bathroom, and stomach emptying. People that have autonomic neuropathy have:

*Trouble with their sweat glands since the body has difficulty controlling its temperature regulations

*Vertigo is often experienced in peripheral neuropathy because of the fact that blood pressures tend to drop very low.

*Both men and women that have autonomic neuropathy have troubles in their sexual life. Men have much difficulty in achieving an erection, and usually cannot have one at all. Women have a lot of vaginal dryness and are just “not in the mood,” for sex since sex no longer provides any pleasure for them.

*Urination and bowel function is usually all disrupted with autonomic neuropathy types. The loss of normal sensations to go the bathroom is gone, and urinary and also bowel incontinence is sadly the problem too. When people lose this very important function, it is an embarrassment and they often have to wear adult diapers.

*In autonomic neuropathy, gastroparesis, (delayed stomach empyting,) becomes a serious problem. The stomach will not empty food normally, and the food will lay inside the stomach for many days unless there are some other means to help it empty through medications or ng tubes.

These are all typical signs of both types of neuropathy, which in effect, are a lot the same as one another. Diabetic people need to keep their blood sugars under strict control in order to avoid this serious problem. There are times that neuropathy which is just beginning, can be controlled through tight blood sugar control.