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Symptoms and Treatment of Gallstones

Gall bladder pain usually indicates gall stones are present. The pain maybe sudden and severe lasting from twenty minutes to several hours. The best way to reduce the gall stone pain is to reduce the gall stones from forming to begin with. The following are some tips for both prevention and relieving gall bladder pain.

* Defat your diet – Reduce the intake of dietary fat such as animal fat
* Shed weight – Maintain your ideal weight established by your health care professional. It is important to note that everyone needs 1- grams of fat per day.
* Breakfast – As odd as it sounds, people that skip breakfast have shown in studies to have an increased potential for stones.
* Check to see if you have a Vitamin C -deficiency. Studies have shown that many that have a Vitamin C-deficiency are more prone to getting gall stones.
*Barberry Bark is one of the best known remedies to reversing gall bladder pain. Check your local health food store.
*Wild Yam Root is more of a method of prevention, than helping with the pain; however, it does help balance out the hormone production.
*Cramp bark is used by holistic professionals as an anti-spasmodic and nerve sedative. It can also be used to relieve muscle tension making it one of the major holistic remedies for the pain of gall stones.
*Fennel Seed works to unblock any obstructions in the gall bladder as well as reducing painful swelling.
* Ginger root has been found to help the conversion of cholesterol to bile acid which helps to cleanse the liver.
* Catnip herbs nourish the stomach and nerves as well it helps eliminate toxins and flush gallstones out.
* Peppermint leaf has shown in preliminary studies to actually dissolve gall stones. Other studies have indicated that it may aid in reducing inflammation as well.

The best relief is prevention. Gall bladder pain is a direct result of gall stones. Gall stones are directly related to the diet you intake. The major source of cholesterol is from animal foods. Stones are a result of higher levels of cholesterol. Animal foods include all animal meats and dairy foods Therefore, if you change your diet you maybe able to reverse and completely stop gall bladder pain and prevent any stones from forming.

After changing your diet, the next step is to flush all stones from your system. Most natural health store offer a herbal gall bladder flush that can be used.