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Symptoms and Treatment for Depression

Behavioral therapy is excellent for helping people to cope with or overcome their depression. Behavioral therapy can help you to enjoy living again.

Behavioral therapists will provide you with one-to-one visits each week – usually once a week. These visits work best for you, when you visit each week, especially in the beginning of your therapy.

Many times, anti-depressant medication is needed to help a person overcome depression, when that depression has been long lasting. Behavioral therapy, along with the prescribed medication, work well together in helping someone overcome their depression.

If you suffer from depression, you can hurt both mentally and physically. Depression hurts the person who is depressed; and it also hurts their loved ones. People who love you and care about you – don’t want you to be depressed. Family and friends want you to be happy and enjoying your life again. Family and friends want to help you; but they don’t know what to do to help you. Your loved ones sometimes make suggestions on how you can get over your depression. Many family members and friends believe that you just get up, get dressed, and be happy. They don’t realize how difficult it is to lift yourself up from depression. When you suffer with depression, it is difficult to get motivated and to do things. It is difficult to just get up out of bed each morning. As soon as you get up in the morning, your depression encompasses you.

Your life changes, when you are depressed. Nothing seems fun to you anymore. Things that you once enjoyed doing, you don’t enjoy doing any more. You don’t feel like going out any more. It is difficult for you to get up and get dressed – to just go to the grocery store. When you are suffering with depression, it is difficult for you to have a real interest in almost anything.

Depression affects all areas of your life. Your eating habits aren’t the same as they were before depression took hold of you. You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, or you start sleeping too much. You don’t feel like holding conversations with people anymore, because you have a lack of interest in just about everything. All things seem negative and hopeless to you – when you suffer with depression.

Depression is a real health problem. It can be a very costly health problem, since the problem is usually long term. Once you begin taking a prescribed medication for your depression, you will probably need to take it for a long time, perhaps for life. Depression is a very costly health problem because it is usually a long lasting, sometimes lifelong, condition.

If you have low income and no mental health insurance nor medical insurance, you can still find a good mental health professional who will see you. There are many mental health and family service organizations that help low income people to feel better. Contact your local United Way (Information and Referral). They can give you names and telephone numbers of mental health organizations who will see you. There are many, very good, mental health organizations that operate on a sliding fee scale, even at no cost to you – if you qualify.

Importantly, if you are suffering with depression, you definitely should see a medical professional who can help you overcome your depression. Yes, you can get help for your depression, and enjoy your life again. Also, your family will be very happy that you did.

First, you should go to a medical doctor for a check-up. Your medical doctor can give you a check-up to see if there is a medical health problem causing your depression.

If your depression is not caused by a medical problem, then you should see a mental health professional. There are many different types of mental health professionals who can help you overcome your depression. You will probably be prescribed medication for your depression. Your mental health professional will talk with you, and most likely, prescribe a medication for your depression. It will take time to find the correct medication and the correct dosage that will work best for you. With anti-depressants, it takes about 6 weeks to fully know how the medication is working for you, and if it is helping or not. Also, the dosage usually gets increased over time, beginning with a smaller dosage and working the way up to a dosage that works best for you – a dosage that will help you to overcome your depression, and get you to enjoy your life again.

You need to help yourself, too, in other ways, to thwart off those depressing thoughts and feelings. You need to get moving, and set your thoughts on happier, more positive subjects. If you notice your depression setting in, the following can help you:

Get dressed, go outside, and take a nice walk in a safe area. Taking walks helps people to relieve their depression. Dress appropriately for the weather, and while you are walking – take the time to enjoy the scenery. Take in the lovely sights around you – while you walk. Take your walks in areas that are uplifting to your mood. Taking walks can improve your mood, lift your depression, and is beneficial to your overall health.

Listen to music that will lift your depression. Turn on music that you enjoy. Dance to the music. Dance in your home. Dancing helps to make you feel better. It also improves your circulation. Play your music, and dance, right there in your own home.

Exercise helps you to overcome your depression, too. If you feel your depression setting in, and your mood lowering, do some easy exercises that you enjoy. Turn on music that you enjoy, that has a good beat for exercising.

As much as possible, keep company with people who are positive, upbeat, happy people. Spend time with people who treat you right. These kinds of people will uplift your mood.

Take good care of yourself, and take vitamins. Many people who suffer with depression are low on certain vitamins. Check with your doctor first before beginning a vitamin regimen.

Prescribed medication can help you to overcome your depression. If you have been prescribed medications, take all your prescribed medication, at the correct dosage, and at the correct times. Don’t stop taking your prescribed medication without your doctor’s recommendation. Talk with a mental health professional. A mental health professional, one-to-one therapy, and prescribed medication can help you to overcome depression.

Follow the treatment that is recommended for you. Keep your appointments with your mental health professional. Follow their good advice. Take your medicine, if you are prescribed medication. Get motivated and get up, and begin enjoying your life again.

If you suffer with depression, get the help that you need, and begin enjoying your life again. I hope you do begin enjoying your life again soon. The people who love you want you to be happy. They want you to enjoy your life, too.