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Switch for something better

It is a matter of common knowledge that most Americans need to make some drastic changes in their diets. Obesity is on the rise. It is time to make some changes. It is a tough sell to inform someone they have to change their eating habits overnight. A progressive swap of healthy foods is a good way to change the pallet and the way people are eating. These are things that can be introduced into a diet without feeling the emotional loss that some people feel when their comfort foods are taken away.

There are some practical ways to introduce swaps into the family diet. For those who are over 2 years old use 2% milk rather than whole milk. Swap butter with a healthy margarine choice.

Many people enjoy sour cream on a baked potato. Mix sour cream with plain greek yogurt. You still get the creamy texture, the flavor has a little zip and a lot more healthy protein. Mix yogurt with your mayonnaise and see it become a better choice. Eventually you may make the switch to total yogurt.

What about rice? There are many swaps that can be done with rice. You can switch to brown rice. You can switch to couscous. You can switch to quinoa ( this has an amazing amount of protein).

Are you a fan of cheese and crackers? Switch out the crackers and place the cheese on apples. It still gives the crunch, but it is much healthier.

Instead of steak fajitas with flour tortillas try shrimp fajitas with corn tortillas. Why? It will save about 400 calories and 22 grams of fat and still taste great.

Mix turkey burger and traditional hamburger together for a better alternative. When you are ready to make the complete switch, go to turkey burger only.

Plain air popped popcorn in place of tortilla chips. It is still a crunchy treat, but much better for you.

Swap to whole grain options of bread, muffins and bagels.

Swap the way you make mashed potatoes. Cooking the potatoes and then cooling them makes them form a resistant starch that is a different kind of carb. So bake the potatoes. Let them cool. Peal them, cube them, and then heat them and add 2% milk and a low fat margarine when mashing. Add some cooked shredded carrots for color and fun.

Make your normal iceberg lettuce salad with a few extras. Add some spinach leaves. It gives color and they are better for you. Instead of croutons use walnuts. Walnuts help lower cholesterol. Use a vinaigrette dressing. Great salad with just a few swaps.

The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel, just roll it a little differently.