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Swine Flu Health

Swine flu displays regular human flu symptoms including cough, fever, body ache, fatigue, sore throat, chills and headache. Antiviral medicines are available to prevent and treat swine flu, but right now appropriate vaccine is not available to protect from swine flu. Spreading of these germs can be prevented as it causes respiratory illnesses such as influenza by:

* Avoiding contact with sick patients, avoiding touching your mouth, eyes or nose as the germs spread faster in this way.

* Covering mouth and nose using a tissue while coughing or sneezing and immediately throwing the tissue in a trash after one use.

* Washing hands using soap and water, particularly after sneezing or coughing is essential and also using hand cleaners that are alcohol-based is preferred.

* Staying at home when you are sick without attending school or your work place is suggested to prevent spreading of this infection.

Immediate care is recommended on the initial symptoms of swine flu. The symptoms vary from person to person as there are patients having high fever, body ache and sore throat, while some complain about running nose, vomiting and diarrhea. However, these symptoms alone does not declare a person being infected by swine flu and is confirmed after the respiratory specimen lab test.

Precautions taken helps in minimizing the risk and the simplest way is covering the nose and mouth by wearing a mask. Mask covering assists in avoiding spreading the infection especially, when an infected person comes in contact. Precautions also include maintenance of high levels of hygiene, by washing hands frequently using soap and water. Subsequently, as influenza spreads through contact and air, surface sanitizing is also one of the best ways to prevent infections. Effective sanitizer is alcohol and even bleach can be employed to sanitize rooms and equipments used by patients having influenza symptoms.

Prevention of swine flu is considered in the aim of limiting the risks and this can be done by:

* – Building and balancing the immune system, as it is believed that this infection affects people having compromised immune systems easily. Hence, balancing and improving the overall immune system is the best solution to beat swine flu.

* Improving overall health is highlighted as mostly people having underlying medical conditions are easily prone to this risk. Getting into better shape is essential so that your body is a warrior to attack swine flu and this can be achieved by going on physical fitness program.

* Washing hands before and after meals is mandatory, besides also wash after shaking hands with outsiders. This is simple but very protective to keep you at a safe distance from getting infected.

* Avoiding crowded areas is advised as there are more chances of acquiring this flu mainly because it is difficult to identify swine flu inflected people, even if they stand next to you.

* Avoid visiting patients infected with swine flue is highly recommended as this enhances all the chances of spreading swine flu.

* Checking the temperature of your body regularly is advised as fever is the main swine flu symptom.

Treatment plays a significant role in preventing spreading of this deadly infection and also in curing the ailment. People with flu are suggested to take plenty of rest, avoid taking tobacco and alcohol and to drink lots of liquids such as fresh fruit juices and water. Taking medications to get relieved from fever and muscle aches is recommended, but definitely relying on self-medication is not advisable and hence getting in touch with the doctor will ensure the right treatment. Panicking on observing the symptoms will lead to seriousness, while maintaining coolness and getting tested will ascertain proper treatments.

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