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Surviving Heart Attacks when alone

Listed are measures that will assist surviving a heart attack when alone

1. Know the symptoms of a myocardial infarction (heart attack)
These can include:
-Chest discomfort located in the centre of the chest, behind the breast
bone: some patients will describe it as feeling like an elephant is
sitting on their chest, others
may describe it as a squeezing sensation.
-Feeling short of breath or unable to take a deep breath and get enough air.
-Pain in the arms (usually the left), jaw, neck and/or back.
-Acid indigestion not relieved by antacids.
-Sweating, feeling dizzy, nausea.
-DENIAL: Unless there is a history of heart disease many people will deny
that the symptoms they are having are that of a heart attack. This could
be a fatal mistake.

2. Call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to drive yourself to the hospital nor
call family or a friend to drive you. It is imperative you activate
Emergency Medical Services ASAP. They have the equipment and training to
give you the best chance for minimizing heart damage and survival. Do not
be embarrassed if it turns out you only have a bad case of heartburn. It is
better to be safe than sorry. Many people are admitted to emergency units
with chest pain that turns out to be something other than a heart attack and
live to tell the story. On the other hand some people will diagnose
themselves as having heartburn and end up dead from a heart attack.

3. Take Aspirin 325mg. immediately unless there are health issues ie: stomach
ulcer, allergy etc. that would contraindicate taking aspirin.

4. Call a neighbor (preferably someone with a knowledge of mouth to mouth
breathing and cardiac massage) to stay with you until the ambulance arrives.

5 Make sure your door is unlocked so emergency personnel can get to you.

6 Sit or lie down until help arrives