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Surviving a Recession

Is money the root of all evil? I believe that this is an increasingly valid question in today’s society. Where ever money is involved, it usually comes with worry, doubt, guilt and most extremely, human suffering. Obviously this isn’t as prevalent in daily life for most of us but the overall picture reveals that maybe this moral dilemma could hold some truth. From this, I am sure, a recession has been born….

So how does the average person cope with the onslaught of a world wide financial crisis? My first thought, as usual is, ‘where can I hide?’. This isn’t, in the long run, a practical or viable solution, instead I have found that grinning and bearing the brunt is the best way forward at least until you can find the nearest pub with a two for one offer!

The mere mention of the word recession puts a grey cloud over most heads. Trying to keep a positive mind throughout a time of financial strain can be an impossible up-hill struggle. The key to achieving any sense of sanity or peace, is to be constantly involved with your finances and your bank balance. However grim things might seem, you must remain in control. Through this management, you can start to evaluate all aspects of your life and organise them into priorities.

With these priorities in mind, I make sure I keep on top of a monthly budget and try and accommodate for luxuries such as wine and biscuits. I have worked out that if I sit in the dark for two nights, I can afford an extra packet of hob nobs! Through this thrift, I can somehow retain some remnants of a smile and normal conversation. Keeping this priority at the top of my list, I come somewhere close to maintaining my standing as a human being.

I tried to sacrifice my need for nice cosmetics to save money. After a while, I realised I would rather sacrifice other necessities like water and food as the lack of pleasant smelling, toxin infused adornments was making me look like the historical freak show that entertained the Victorian sadists during a similarly trying economical period. This in turn, did not help me succeed over the possibility of financial ruin but helped to push me closer to the edge of reason.

In conclusion to my musings, I believe that the best way forward in such a climate is control and enlightenent over your personal situation, compromise with daily life and a good sense of humour. If all else fails, sarcasm reigns!