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Supersex Foods in your Kitchen

Want to supercharge your sex life? Forget about artificial drugs, supplements with unpronounceable names, or toys.

Just take a short trip to your kitchen. You’ll find everything you’ll need right there.

You might already be aware of some of these foods with hidden aphrodisiac qualities. Maybe you’ve even tried a few. But others will come as a welcome surprise.

A word of caution: some of these foods are pretty powerful. They can really ramp up the libido. If they do keep you up all night and you’re sleepy at work the next day…well, at least you’ll have made some great memories.

1. Men: Get a rise with celery

Celery? Yes, celery. Other than it being crunchy, stringy and next to tasteless, celery is touted by experts as a superfood for supersex. A libido booster called androsterone is what gives celery its special powers. The hormone androsterone in celery is the same hormone that’s released through male perspiration.

That’s sexy? Actually, it is. The androsterone and an accompanying hormone in celery—androstenol—are two pheromones that have a strong, sensual effect on women.

Chomping on a few celery sticks just before lovemaking intensifies the woman’s physical and emotional reactions. And just so you know, the pheromones start acting immediately.

And here you thought celery was only good for cheap hors d’oeuvres, garden salads or Bloody Marys.

2. Achtung! Men need sauerkraut

Whenever sauerkraut makes it onto an aphrodisiac list people start doubting their eyes. Yet it’s absolutely true that this pickled cabbage dish revs up the libido. Experts attest to its power and a U,S. study found that approximately 90 percent of men were more aroused and had greater stamina than the control group that were denied the magical stuff.

3. Alluring asparagus

Even the shape of this vegetable is suggestive. And it works. According to the Vegetarian Society, eating a serving of asparagus for three days straight will provide visibly powerful effects. The vegetable is very high in Vitamin E which researchers have known for years is the sex vitamin.

Interesting, but what happens if you eat it for five days? Maybe it’s better not to think about that.

4. Bad boy bananas

Thanks to the enzyme bromelain (also found in pineapples), the banana provides a big boost to male virility. You might say a banana a day keeps the doldrums away. The fruit is bursting with potassium and B vitamins too and both of those are integral to sex-hormone production. Imagine that.

5. Smooth operator: Vanilla ice cream

By now you’re probably thinking this is too good to be true. Ice cream is much more appealing than celery! Well, that’s true, but with ice cream you can start adding on the pounds fast, so it must be used sparingly. You can eat a pound of celery and not gain any weight;

That said, vanilla ice cream has been shown to increase endurance in men. It provides long-lasting energy and a whopping amount of calcium in a typical serving. It also enhances the male orgasm in a variety of ways.

Even the vanilla scent has a benefit. Studies have shown that men react strongly to the smell of vanilla and it relaxes them, reducing stress and anxiety and consequently overcomes inhibitions.

Just make sure you eat plain vanilla as research has shown that has the greatest bang per spoonful.

6. It’s no fib, try a fig

The lowly fig fruit is much overlooked in the Western world. Yet Middle Easterners have known for centuries figs increase the libido and stamina. Some Middle Easterners even take figs with them to bed. No doubt it’s a perfect nightcap.

7. Don’t bash basil

What can an aromatic leaf do for a languid libido? Well, basil stimulates the sex drive, boosts circulation and increases fertility.

Another effect some sex researchers swear is true: the scent of basil supposedly turns humans on. Well, it’s a fact that Mediterranean prostitutes once swore that basil attracted customers, and some of those ladies virtually bathed in it. But I suspect that they were mostly Italian and not from the other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.

On the other hand, if basil is all that powerful, maybe you should consider taking your significant other to a pizza joint when you’re in the mood.

8. End the performance blues with blueberries

It’s a fact. Older men with ED should be gobbling handfuls of blueberries every day.

Each little blue wonder is crammed with a matrix of compounds that relax blood vessels, clean out cholesterol in the digestive tract before it can travel to the circulatory system, and enhance the blood flow. And a poor blood flow is the primary cause of ED.

Medical doctors that specialize in treating male patients with ED are now recommending adding a small bowl of blueberries 3 to 4 times a week to the diet.

Why be so stingy? Have some everyday with cereal, salads, as a snack…whenever.

For women only

9. Chocolate

During the 18th Century Europeans considered chocolate to be an aphrodisiac for men and women. They were half right.

It’s been discovered that chocolate is indeed a sexual stimulant, but mostly for women.

Chocolate became synonymous with passion and love because of theobromine, a powerful stimulant that intensifies pleasure. Although not a spice, it will certainly spice up a woman’s love life.

Recent research has also revealed that dark chocolate actually stimulates the region of the female brain that produces orgasms.

10. Pumpkin seeds pump up female desire

And you thought pumpkins were only good for pies, breads and Jack o’ Lanterns!

Research has revealed that pumpkin seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been shown to act as a precursor of prostaglandins—the hormone-like substances that have a crucial role in sexual health. They also boost and elongate women’s sexual desire.

So there you have it. And if you don’t have it in your refrigerator or pantry just add the missing items to your next grocery shopping list. Then you’ll have everything you need to create your own recipe for desire.