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Summer Healthy Diet Water Fruit

There are many healthy diets for men and women during the summer months, but the simplest habits are the ones that will most likely be kept after the sun is gone. Summer is a great season for exploring long-term lifestyle changes with nutrition. Water and fruit become the most important diet change. Fruits are more readily available and drinking fluids becomes essential in the heat. Most people can make their own diet changes using the United States Department of Agriculture’s choosemyplate.gov tool, which was updated on June 2, 2011 with new information on the daily recommendations of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and dairy. Eating healthy in the summer months can be easy.

The easiest change in any diet plan is the increase of fluids, especially water. Although not a diet onto itself, increasing water intake in the summer months can become a healthy habit that is fundamental to any diet’s success. According to the Mayo Clinic, the human body is 60% water, and the average adult gets rid of about 10 cups of water daily through sweat, urine, breathing, and excretion. They recommend that women drink about 9 cups of fluid a day while men should intake up to 13 cups. In general, a lack of fluids in the body, or dehydration, drains energy, which can make people less active during the months they are most likely to engage in physical activity. By drinking enough water and fluids, a person maximizes their metabolism and the probability of burning calories during summer activities, sports, and heat.

Aside from water, fruits are a summer favorite for snacking and desserts. In most cases, any fruit is better than none at all, but apples and bananas tend to be some of the most filling fruit choices. Berries are a great summer thirst-quencher, as is watermelon. Freshly blended smoothies can go a very long way, too, in replacing less healthy meals for breakfast and snacks. A very popular diet during the summer months is to replace sugary breakfast cereals by eating fruit instead. Fruit salads with yogurt or cottage cheese make satisfying lunches, too, and instead of ice cream, frozen fruits make a wonderful dessert after dinnertime.

If eating more fruit and drinking water sounds too simplistic, it is. Diets do not have to be complex or involve calorie-counting. In the summer, while having fun and relaxing, the last thing a person will successfully do is count calories or eat pre-packaged foods from a weight-loss system. Replacing fast food with fruit can be a great start to a family vacation. Replacing soda with water is also helpful. The more hydrated a person is, the more energy they will have, and that will lead to the best diet plan.

A good diet helps a person lose weight. A great diet helps a person lose weight while exercising. The best diet is the type of nutritional powerhouse that adds vitamins, minerals, and water to the body. An ideal diet gives energy throughout the summer months, and that is a healthy diet.