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Sudden causes of Teen Depression

Sudden causes of teen depression

Any person above the age of twenty knows just how adolescence can be a challenging period to even the most well adjusted individuals. Raising a teen, providing better health care and support might sometimes prove very hectic as well as cumbersome. This is because of teenage developed behaviors that cause stress and depression not only ton themselves but to their parents, guardians, siblings and the entire community as a whole.

Depression is often preceded by change in behavior and mood. Sudden lack of interest in activities that once brought delight or pleasure, excessive moodiness, low self esteem and self isolation are some of the signs to watch out for in a teen that is depressed.

Causes of such sudden depression might include the following:

Drop in class performance- when teenagers start dropping in performance, they often feel embarrassed and guilty. They think that they have not done enough. They know definitely that they are going to lose their friends and respect in their respective classes, schools and even at home. Stress then follows.

Change in environment. This has a greater impact as it disorientates teens completely. They have to start making fresh friends and acquaintances and this often prove very difficult to them hence they get depressed.

Peer pressure. A teenage knows very well that some things done by his peers are unacceptable at home. The peers cajole him or force him into doing such things. He ends up losing his morals, becomes so guilty about it and therefore depression sets in.

Violence at home can be very hurting to the teens. They witness their parents beat each other up and hear them hurl abuses at one other. In such cases, the teens are disorientated and can only think of violence. When depression sets in, it is worse since they can not turn to their parents for help.

There are certain medical conditions that will greatly affect a teenager especially when he or she is experiencing them for the first time. In girls onset of pubescence might be a frightening experience if they have not been informed about it before. This is also applicable to boys in times of tumescence. They feel shy about such things yet they can not approach anybody for help. Again, when they get infected with sexually transmitted diseases, they get so depressed yet they cannot approach adults for help.

As adults, it is our responsibility to help our children carry their burdens. They cannot bear them all alone. Failure to do so might lead to development of disastrous characters that might cause more harm than good to our society. It is better for us to help them out than to see them get hurt and destroyed by vices that we can do away with early enough.