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Successful Weight Loss through Motivation Staying Motivated on a Diet High Fat and High Sugar Food

The primary tip for staying motivated on a diet is to change the picture that most people have when they think of dieting. With so many diet plans out there, it’s hard to make any sense out of which plan is the best for you.

If sorting through all the plans, clinics and information is a problem, it’s worse still trying to stick with a plan until you see positive results. With all the temptations from commercials to load up on delectable high fat and high sugar foods, finding the motivation makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.

Staying motivated has nothing to do with denying yourself by eating less and starving. In fact eating less works against you as your body will retain and store more fat as a survival technique. So how can you stay motivated long enough to see results?

* Create a plan unique to your situation. Everyone has different requirements and you should consult your doctor and a dietitian first so you can develop a plan that works for you. For that, you need to know the foods you are currently eating and how much you snack between those meals. You need to make an honest assessment and that should also include your activity level. As most people don’t get enough exercise, it’s not surprising that they retain weight when a little activity can help them burn off excess calories. The first step to dieting success is to build a strong foundation so you can get started and stay motivated.

* Your attitude has a lot to do with how fast you’ll lose weight. Many people dread dieting. They believe it means starvation. They believe it means a great amount of willpower they don’t have. But a negative outlook toward weight loss is sure to prevent you from making a start on your diet plan even if it is the best designed plan for you. Look at dieting as a challenge. There’s no need to starve. In fact, it has been shown that eating the same quantity of healthy high fiber foods will lead to weight loss over the highly refined and processed foods you’ve become used to eating and that have been making you fat.

* One of the problems that keeps you from being motivated comes from focusing too much on an unreasonable goal. When you don’t lose what you expect, you become depressed and slide back into your old habits. It’s reasonable to have a target to shoot for, but you need to be flexible enough to realize that you will not always reach that ideal weight loss target. That isn’t a reflection of failure on your part. The best way to stay motivated is to concentrate on taking the small everyday steps that lead to the goal. It’s watching what you put into your mouth right now that determines how much you will weigh tomorrow. So if you sit in front of the television with a bag of chips, you aren’t aware of how much you are eating. In the early stages of weight loss, you need to concentrate on what goes into your mouth during those distractions.

* Reward yourself when you’ve accomplished some milestone on the path to your weight loss target. That doesn’t mean chocolate cream pie a-la-mode. Some small reward will help keep you motivated.

* Don’t believe everything you see on television, newspaper and magazine ads. Those delectable cookies may contain a good deal of trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy ingredients. Those fashion models may look great under the studio lights, but they are often undernourished and that spells trouble for your health if you aspire to be like them.

* Get active. Exercise helps to burn off calories. As the fat burns off, the body eliminates the toxins that are stored in the fatty tissue. The toxic environment in which we live guarantees weight gain and many dieters become frustrated when they see no change on the weigh scale. Not only does exercise burn off calories, it helps improve circulation so your body is better able to reduce its fat stores. And for an extra benefit, you’ll feel more motivated after exercising.

Set a goal and work the plan. Know your limits and take setbacks as a learning experience. Switch to a healthy diet, get in some exercise, quit the cigarettes and get enough sleep. Don’t forget a good breakfast. Before long the weight will come off and you’ll be surprised on how easy it actually can be!