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Study says nearly 1 Million ADHD Misdiagnoses

It seems that every time you turn around ADHD is in the news. With more and more children being diagnoses with ADHD every year something had to give. CNN has even started reporting that almost a million children may have been miss diagnoses with this disability. This does not include hundreds of thousands more that are being self treated for the disability based on all the hype surrounding this issue.

This disability has put our children directly in the middle of America’s prescription drug war. With the hype of any disability, comes the commercials that push the drugs that will cure our children or any other illness for that matter. It also has a mile long list of the side effects of said drugs, yet we still take the chance and medicate our children till they are shells of their former self. These drugs taken for the long term can lead to cardiovascular issues and stunt the growth of children. So why would we do this to our children?

With more and more studies coming out they are all saying that maturity is a huge factor in a child being diagnoses with ADHD. A child that is younger then his class mate’s maybe diagnoses with ADHD because the older children handle themselves better so it make them look as if they have a problem. This means children are being punished for being behaviorally behind their class mates instead of teaching them how to catch up we are medicating our child in hopes it solves the problem. A child that has been treated younger then he is at home may not be as mature as his peer in his class. Therefore, he looks like he has ADHD when his only crime is not being as mature as his classmates.

Studies are coming in from all over the place such as Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Kindergarten Cohort. Researchers also used National Health Interview Survey, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, and a nationwide private insurance company to conduct these studies. William Evans at the University of Notre Dame also conducted a survey that concluded the same results. As more and more studies come out the more we are seeing that our children are getting caught up in a national epidemic.

Even still ADHD is controllable through non medical ways that have been proven to be just as effective as being medicated. So with behavior modification, hard work and sometimes a bit of growing up will have your child competing with everyone else in no time. Not only will they excel, they will do it without drugs and with out any labels applied to them. This makes their accomplishments even better because they can say they did it themselves.