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Stress Treatment

Stress is something that many people have to deal with everyday. Everyone has a limit to stress and many people can not take the pressure from the world. This is why you have to use methods to reduce the stress or simply repel it.

Fighting a mental war within yourself is not going to improve your condition. One way to deal with all that stress, is to simply get along with life. Finish what you need to do and don’t think too much about it. There is still stress, but emotionally, you will heal much faster than the mental harm that the stress causes. Now there are some cases that you just can’t ignore. If your mother and father had a fight and divorced, you have to choose between one of them. Stay calm and think things thoroughly. Use thoughts like “Oh its just another divorce”. Hopefully, you will be able to solve the problems that come up. If you make the wrong decisions, you can at least say to yourself, “I did my best”.

There are lots of smart people out in the world today. Prodigies roam the colleges, universities, and conservatories. Yet, their stress level sometimes make them do crazy things, like jumping off from a building or cutting themselves with knives. If you are one of the smart people with lots of things to do, I recommend a technique I call, “The Genius Eye”. It Here are the procedures:

1. Take your emotional memories and gather them all in you head

2. Close your eyes and concentrate on remembering those memories

3. Open your eyes (you should feel the air rushing at it) and concentrate with your forehead (sort of like frowning) to convert all your emotional memories into willpower to work as hard as possible. For an example, if you like someone and you want them to notice you, then will yourself to work hard in order to impress her. Or maybe there is the memory of your mom that died years ago so you turn that into will for yourself to work as hard as possible because that was what she would have wished for.

4. Eventually the willpower will wear out. Try to think of new memories that would make you want to work harder. By the time you run out of willpower to work with, notice that you got a lot of useful things done and managed to get along with life.

Using “The Genius Eye” has a recovery rate, so use common methods to reduce your stress from work such as making less extra work for yourself, or go on a vacation. One thing to remember, is that there is always someone who works harder than you do, more stress than you do, and achieve more than you do. Think about that, if you think you did too much work.