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Stop Bulimia Bulimia Treatment how to Overcome Bulimia

Having worked with successfully with so many Bulimics over the years, I’ve got to the stage where I can spot one in the street. Just a couple of days ago I was enjoying my stay in Manhattan Beach when I walked passed the out door public toilets, only to hear a girl throwing up. She came out of the toilet thin as a rake, then joined with her friends giggling and laughing, she obviously didn’t have food poising. No one was any the wiser apart from me. After all out of everything I work with Bulimics are far the most secretive about their habit. This is an interesting problem yet mostly misunderstood.

Constant hours obsessing over food, avoiding going out at times just so you can have intimate moments with food. Hiding it from friends and family and using it as a release when life seems to get the better of you. Most Bulimics initially start this destructive habit as a means of weight control, this is a very very poor decision and leads to years of anguish. I am the first to recommend a person looks great and feels wonderful inside after all I have been involved in the fitness industry as well for years and at times worked as a fitness model. Normally I say to bulimics why not stay slim look great and enjoy the process. Though they are aware of how destructive it is both physically and emotionally the compulsion to do it becomes overwhelming or does it?

We all have desires throughout the day some of them we act upon some of them we ignore. If some one cuts you up in traffic you may have a desire to slap them in the face, but you don’t actually act upon it, if you see someone attractive you don’t pounce on the person at first site? So why act upon the compulsion to binge? You find yourself doing it automatically. It’s simply an anxiety based habit, let me explain so you can understand exactly how to get rid of this problem once and for all. Logically you want to get rid of it, you want to be able to eat the right foods that keep you slim and trim. But what happens if you just stopped bingeing? The feeling of discomfort because too great and the desire overwhelming. Now the trick really is to break the initial feeling of discomfort, if you can do that and you had no desire to towards it, you would be free from its spell.

An initial start would be:

1) Make a decision that you will never again revert back to Bulimia no matter what Recognize your triggers i.e. eating something bad or boredom etc

2) Once you know your triggers find something to do that you enjoy (it can be anything as a reward to your self for not bingeing)

3) Picture yourself as you lay in bed morning and evening completely free from obsessions.