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Staying Slim after Weight Loss

You have done it! It meant a lot of struggle, with temptations of delicious foods, with the desire to stay in bed instead of jumping of it to do your exercises, but you have succeeded! You lost weight, getting rid of those nasty extra pounds, and now you can really tell all your effort was worthy. Yet, a thought keeps bugging you: what if all goes to waste, and I get back to being little ol’ me? Staying slim after weight loss should be your main focus. Don’t worry, you can do it! After all, you got used to more difficult lifestyle changing habits, during your diet, and staying slim after weight loss may prove to be easier than you think.

We know you had to give up some things in order to achieve your goals, but keeping a positive perspective will help you with your new goal of staying slim after weight loss. Let’s take them one by one and set new fundamentals.

The first thing you gave up in order to lose weight:

Your favorite foods.

New fundamental for staying slim:

You can still eat your favorite foods, but do it in a way that does not allow you to go over the top. For instance, if you love ice cream, it is ok if you have a small cup twice a week, but it is not ok if you want to eat three or five cups each day.

The second thing that has been bugging you:

I don’t know if I can maintain my current weight.

New fundamental for staying slim:

It took you a lot of will power to lose weight. This is the new you, capable of losing weight and staying that way. What more solid proof do you need?

The third thing you feel you need to consider:

All these unhealthy foods are calling for me. Should I give in to temptation?

New fundamental for staying slim:

Healthy eating means more for you than just a help for losing weight. Eating healthy foods will help you maintain yourself healthy all your life. Unhealthy foods give you nothing: they have no nutrients, they make you overweight, and they can make you ill in the long run.

Several tips for staying slim after weight loss

-Eat foods that satisfy your hunger.

-Be ok with letting food on your plate, once you feel full.

-Eat smaller portions.

-Sleep well; too little sleep can make you hungry.

-Avoid fat foods.

-Eat more soups and salads.