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Sstrength Traininghow to Plan a Strength Training Session Strength Training Planning Strength

Scheduling the correct exercise progressions within a strength training microcycle

The point of correctly sequencing exercises in a strength training program is to guide the athlete toward the achievement of their sports goals. Initially performing the most valuable movements relates to fine motor control and maximal neuromuscular output training. This premise necessitates these movements be performed first in the session, thus allowing the organism to be in a rested state prior to the initiation of the primary exercise skills and motions.

In order to avoid the inevitable fatigue which begins to appear in the mid to late portions of the session the schedule will follow these progression lines.

Begin with exercise technique movements for the main sports before starting on the auxiliary movements. After the main sports moves are finished begin the explosive dynamic types of exercises such as the power cleans, clean and jerks and the snatches.Once the explosive movements are finished go to the larger muscle groups such as:

A. The legs with the squats.

B. The upper torso with the bench presses and barbell rows.

C. The lower back with dead lift.

D. Military presses and chin ups or pull downs.

Successful coaches set their program up to be exercising from the larger to the smaller muscle groups unless there is a specific reason to do other wise.

If the training cycle is meant to increase strength while at the same time avoiding unnecessary muscle hypertrophy then successive exercises should not follow closely on the heels of the previous series of movements. The next exercise should minimally, if at all, involve the same muscle group. This can be accomplished by paying strict attention to the details of the planning process.

For example, executing a set of triceps extensions that are followed by military presses and then bar bell rows that are paired with bicep curls would be a sequence that is set up for triceps and bicep hypertrophy. The correct order used to increase strength and minimize muscle size would be along these lines: triceps extensions, biceps curls, military presses and bar bell rows. Performed in this order the muscles have a chance to partially recover before being called upon to repeat a similar active motion again.

Certainly there are times when following these suggestions of exercise order will not be logical to follow. Nonetheless in the majority of cases strength coaches will be serving their trainees well by carefully planning out the yearly, monthly, weekly and daily strength training sessions. In the opinion of many strength coaches this is the only way to help the athlete develop to their true potential.