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Some Common Illegal Drugs

The most common illegal drug pretty much everywhere in the US, Canada and the UK is marijuana or more commonly weed, i personally for example know of probably a hundred weed dealers in my town alone, and could find more very quickly if i needed to. the main reason for this is the resurgence in the popularity of weed as of late, coupled with the view that it is not a harmful drug. While it is certainly probably the least dangerous illegal drug there is, that still isn’t to say that it isn’t bad for your health.

More and more people are regular or casual smokers in todays society and therefore the availability of weed has soared. A lot of this is because it is fairly easy to grow in the home, which a lot of people these days are doing to either make extra money or to support their own usage. There are many different types of weed available due to the fact that there are a lot of different species of the plant itself which is smoked. These vary in strength and appearance, and marijuana is also less widely available in resin or solid form that is smoked as well.

The second most common and available drug these days in most areas is cocaine, of the dealers who mainly sell weed, around a tenth of these will sell cocaine themselves, and all will know where they could get some. Cocaine has the appeal of being an expensive drug used by professionals and people in clubs, rather than to relax as weed is, and of course isn’t commonly smoked, so non smokers can take it as well. It is much more expensive than marijuana and has more recently seen a growth in use amongst the younger generation, where before it was thought of as a dangerous drug that only the richer young professionals or hardened drug users would take.

The third most common is ecstasy, which again is a party drug, and is mostly found in nightclubs and is associated with the dance music scene. It is very cheap to obtain, although it is more complex to make, which is why it isn’t as widely available as other drugs. There are no ways to know the quality of the ecstasy you have either, and there are a lot of spiked tablets out there, so ecstasy can be particularly dangerous. It isn’t commonly taken outside of the club or dance music scenes as many other drugs are.