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Smoking or Smoker or Cigarette or e Smoker or e Cigarettes or Nicotine

The electric cigarette is often considered as a smart alternative to smoking a ‘real’ cigarette. The advantage may be that a person has to spend less money on buying cigarettes but the biggest advantages are the health benefits. It is well known that smoking is bad but what is the difference with smoking an electronic cigarette? What are the benefits and what is an E-cigarette?

Where does the E Cigarette comes from?

The electronic cigarette was designed in China by a man named Hon Lik in 2003 and came one year later on the market. The company where this man had worked for was Golden Dragon Holdings and they began in 2005-2006 exporting the cigarette.

The E Cigarette

The electric cigarette or E cigarette is a device that looks like a real cigarette and is powered by a battery. The greatest similarity with the normal cigarette is that it contains nicotine and thus meets the needs of an average smoker. Nicotine is addictive and most smokers cannot live without this. Smoking is considered an addiction and because of this Nicotine it’s difficult for smokers to actually stop.

The E cigarette is for smokers who want to replace the normal cigarette mainly for the health reasons. The E cigarette contains Nicotine but it contains no other harmful substances like tar, carbon monoxide and other carcinogenic / toxic substances.

To minimize the fact that the E Cigarette doesn’t resemble a real cigarette, it’s available in several flavors, including apple and cherry but also Marlboro. Besides taste it can also be chosen for different strengths of 24mg nicotine including nicotine and no nicotine.

How does the E Cigarette work?

The E Cigarette often looks exactly like a normal cigarette and contains nicotine but works a totally different way. The E cigarette works on a battery and does not have to be lit with a fire. The E Cigarette consists of a filling, the nozzle and an LED light. This LED light turns on when the smoker inhales. When the smoker inhales the vacuum switch is turned on and makes sure the nozzle is heated up by the battery. The nozzle evaporates the Nicotine. In the mouth piece is a part called a cartridge. In the cartridge is the Nicotine which needs to be replaced when it’s empty. You can approximately inhale about 80 to 100 times. The advantage is that the smoker doesn’t have to buy a whole new E cigarette but only the cartridge. The battery is typically a rechargeable battery.