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Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana has become more widely used across the world with it being one of the recreational drugs of choice, also due to the lenience of being caught with it in your possession. Being mentally addictive, very much like nicotine it has a large number of short and long term effects.

After smoking marijuana you get a strong sense of euphoria, relaxation, everything is funny, you are more creative and your libido may even increase. Because marijuana stores in the fat of the body it is detectable up to 10 days after smoking it, even though the affects only last a maximum of 3 hours depending on the quantities consumed.

The long term affects of smoking marijuana include paranoia, anxiety, memory problems, inability to problem solve, schizophrenia, bipolar disease and depression to name a few. It is also known to impair the body’s immune system from fighting off virus and disease, as well as causing cardiovascular problems. Remember it is mentally addictive; you can give up at any time without going cold turkey.

Shorter term affects include dry mouth, increased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, panic attacks, eye redness, muscle relation, increased appetite and idleness.

As marijuana is enjoyed throughout the world and people think it’s safe, because it can’t be as bad as using cocaine or heroin, its lasting affects are dangerous.

Paranoia is often triggered by the awareness that you have smoked, your eyes are red and someone is going to notice, which often turns into a full blown panic attack Yes they are going to notice, the smell of marijuana is very distinctive, it can’t be missed and like cigarettes the smell clings to your clothing for hours after smoking.

Unfortunately a few people with strong addictive personalities will become addicted to this drug of choice very quickly and it will lead to years of lying to loved ones and theft so they can feed this addiction. With no inhabitations because of the idleness it causes, they are often non working, or can’t keep a job due to being unable to concentrate for long periods of time.

There are a number of signs you can watch for to see if your partner, child or someone you know is using marijuana. Do they sleep late unable to wake up before lunch? Are they idle and not interested in doing anything? Are they secretive about what they’re doing? Red eyes or using a lot of eye drops? Suddenly they are using a lot of aftershave, deodorant or perfume to cover up the smell?

There are a lot of support groups out there you can talk to on how to approach the subject with someone you love and how to help them overcome this addiction.