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Smoking Ban Working July 1st – Yes

This question is obviously going to get a lot of answers from the non smoking people as they are the ones most passionate about being smoke free, I, however, am a smoker, I am one of the many who actually enjoy smoking and, although against the ban, must admit it is working.
I am going to answer this question as open and honestly as I can but first we need to examine the reasons for the ban in the first place, was the reason for the ban to encourage non smokers to get out into the pub and restaurant world without fear of being forced to smell that horrible tobacco smoke? No, nor was it for the benefit of our health. The need for a ban on smoking is a financial one, as more and more people give up smoking or carry on smoking but buy their cigarettes from non uk sources the amount of revenue from tax has plummeted therefore something must be done about the loss of revenue.
The U.k has seen massive hikes in taxes over the last couple of years, the television license (I know it’s a license but lets be honest, it’s a tax) taxes on fuel have risen, business taxes are higher than they have ever been and my personal favourite motor vehicle tax (road fund license) which simply gets higher the bigger engine you have according to new “green” taxes irrelevant of whether or not you use LPG. These taxes have started to replace the tax on cigarettes. The smoking ban encourages smokers to have gatherings in their own home so that they can smoke their little hearts out whilst still being sociable, this increases the sale of alcohol in supermarkets, increasing their earnings which put them into a higher tax bracket therefore creating more revenue for the government. Meanwhile, our local pubs are closing down because they cannot afford to remain open, super pubs and chains are reaping the benefits as they can afford extravagant smoking areas and most youngsters really don’t mind standing outside anyway and , through their higher tax brackets, they provide extra revenue for the government.
With many things that our government does it comes down to cold hard cash, the small local pub that we used to frequent for a couple of quiet pints is now closed, their tiny tax bracket has been replaced by the 900,000 per year superpub/restaurant (I use the term restaurant very loosely) as a financial transaction I see that as a fantastic business move, why earn 10,000 per year when you can make room for 100,000 per year?
So, taking it as read that the ban on smoking was a purely financial move I would say that it has worked perfectly well, not only have the government re-couped their losses but have managed to turn a profit from it, a financial venture worthy of some of the greatest business moguls in history.
I will look at another track here, the financial aspect has been looked at, what about the social aspect? I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist here but for years the pub trade has had problems with drugs, I should know I worked in and managed pubs for years, mainly problems with marijuana and cocaine. Not being allowed to smoke at all in public buildings it is now much more difficult to light up a joint unless you want to take it out on the street, the cocaine problem is still there but I guess there will be something put in place one day.
Technically speaking it is still an offense to congregate in large numbers and “loiter” in the street, this has given the police excellentmotive to question somebody that may appear suspicious, many don’t take advantage of this but it is still there as a reason to search you, another yes for the smoking ban.
However, as a smoker I feel alienated by this ban, I am forced to stand outside as if I am partaking in illegal activity simply because I was stupid enough to take up smoking as a youth? Smoking is NOT illegal and banning it from public buiding is a disgrace, either make it illegal or don’t, don’t take half hearted measures for fear of losing votes.
The ban on smoking has accomplished absolutely everything that it set out to do, it has increased government revenue, it has made people who smoke more accessible to the police and it has closed down small businesses to make way for bigger, more financially viable outlets.
The smoking ban is working.