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Smallpox its Symptoms and Treatment

Smallpox is a highly contagious disease caused by a proxvirus and marked by high fever and the formation of scar-producing pustules. It’s a very dangerous disease caused by a filterable virus. Smallpox was one the greatest scourges that the world has ever known as it killed people in hundreds of thousands every year. Today, in many parts of the world, the disease is a thing of the past since Jenner introduced the smallpox vaccination.

Smallpox starts with a heavy cold followed by a high fever and prostration. It soon develops into persistent vomiting and sometimes convulsion in the case of small children. On the third day of the fever and vomiting attacks, rashes will begin to appear on the forehead, temples and around the mouth. In the later days, it will spread to the scalps, neck, hands and all other parts of the body. The next stage will follow with abscesses or pustules developing under the rashes in the skin and the patient continues to experience high fever and suffers great weakness and this will continue until eight to ten days. As these symptoms ravages the patient, it makes the person worn out and dehydrated and mostly in children, it causes quick death.

Healing for smallpox is slow and exhausting. Prevention is most suitable since it is a preventable disease. Make sure all of your family are vaccinated against smallpox and this should be repeated at least every three years and more often in areas where smallpox is known to exist. Patients suffering from smallpox need good nursing preferably, in the hospital. Penicillin and other antibiotics are useful in the treatment of the puss-filled lesions of the skin. Itching may be controlled by calamine and other kinds of lotions. The eyes must be treated two to three times a day to remove the surplus secretion and make the eyes clean and clear. As in many other types of high fever, the patient should be given more fluids preferably fresh fruit juice and other liquids. Proper quarantine is needed for the patient to avoid spreading the infection.

In the traditional African herbal treatment, there are very sure tests to confirm someone is suffering from smallpox or other kinds of high fever. Once a child or anybody begins to experience high fever and it’s suspected to be smallpox, a local palm wine is sprinkled over the person’s body and allowed to dry. If there is smallpox in that persons system, it will manifest immediately and the rashes will cover all over the person’s body. Palm wine brings out the rashes immediately not withstanding when the fever began. Once it’s confirmed that it is smallpox, the treatment begins. The patient drinks the palm wine and rubs some on the body until the disease is gone.

In recent times, there are no needs for the traditional treatments since the disease is preventable through vaccination. You are therefore advised to undertake the necessary vaccinations and save your self and your family the agony and stress of looking for a cure. Most of these vaccinations are free, so vaccinate against smallpox; it can be deadly if it attacks you.