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Sleep Disorders Valerian Valerian Root Tea for Sleep help with Sleep Disorders Insomnia

A sleep disorder is not just the inability to fall asleep. Actually, there are three fundamental cycles of sleep disorders. Finding difficulty in falling asleep, unable to stay asleep in the middle of the night and waking up too early are symptoms usually experienced with sleep disorders. Ability of attention, physical and mental accomplishment will be impaired if sleep disruption persist for an extensive period of time. Sound sleep is essential to mind body health. Apprehension, alcohol, sizeable meals and or external situations like voluble noises and intense lights can also be a factor in causing sleep disorders.

Hormone difference in the brain can also activate sleeplessness. The pituitary gland performs a crucial function in the management of brain hormones, as well as melatonin, which is made by the pineal gland. This gland is the chief monitor for the sleeping and waking phase. Typical levels of melatonin rise in the evening produce drowsiness and a slowed heart rate. As people mature, melatonin levels lessen and sleeplessness may come to be.

Progressive lifestyle aspects such as not enough sunlight exposure during the day and too much artificial light at night can restrain melatonin quantity disturbing standard sleep periods. Natural medicine presents a number of safe and successful remedies to re-establish healthy sleep patterns.

Tips in managing sleep disorders:

Avoid beverages and food, which contain caffeine in the afternoon. Don’t eat before going to bed. Remove noise, light and other issues, which tend to keep you awake. Learn a relaxation aid technique to help get you to sleep. Snack on soy nuts to increase the melatonin production.

Establish an idea sleeping area specifically for sleeping. Eliminate electronic distractions for example, the television or radio. Keep room temperature above 58 degrees and lower then 68 degrees. Sleep on a firm but comfy mattress. Use natural bedding that breaths like cotton, silk or feathers.

Take a warm bath. Add lavender, hops or valerian oil to the water or other herbs that encourage sleepiness. Listen to peaceful music or read while relaxing in the bath. Light calming candles around the bathing room.

Soothing Tea Recipe:
3 oz. valerian root
oz lemon balm leaves
oz. hop cones
oz. passionflower
oz. Seville orange rind

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp of this blend; steep for 15 minutes and strain. You can also find many blends like this at your local health food store.

If your sleep disorder continues, seek the advice of your physician. Before your appointment, it’s a good idea to keep a diary for a period of at least a week. Keep tract of the time you go to bed, time you get up, any foods or drinks after 5 pm, any factors that increase your inability to fall asleep and even the thoughts that occupy your mind during the night.