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Sleep and Emotions Emotional Health

How does sleep effect your emotions? Next time you go an entire night without sleep, or go with very little sleep, take note of how you feel. Chances are you feel unlike yourself, and probably feel more than a little groggy. Getting your proper sleep is important to keep your body in rhythm, and you can throw yourself off if you don’t get sleep, or don’t get the proper amount of sleep. They say that not getting enough sleep is almost as harmful as being drunk, and you wouldn’t go out in public drunk would you?

I typcially work at night, and so I usually go to bed, and wake up late. Whenever I have to work at night, and then have to come in to work in the morning instead, I feel terrible. It feels like jet lag almost, and it feels as bad as changing time zones. My body thinks it should be in bed sleeping, but in reality I am at work dealing with people. The worst part was when I first starting working this schedule where my hours would change, and I would feel very sick in the morning.

I would be really stressed out too, because I had no routine for getting ready in the morning. I had no idea what time I should get up, and whether or not to have breakfast, or what to do. I was barely functioning, and couldn’t believe that I had to go to work so early. Not only that, but driving when you are tired is not good, and I could barely stand up, how was I supposed to drive to work, when I was essentially still asleep.

The worst part about getting up for work was that even when you have to get up early you still don’t go to bed early. You just sit up trying to sleep, worried about not being able to sleep. Not only are you not getting sleep, but if you have to get up early on a regular basis, you are just making it worse for yourself. You are even crankier, and by Friday you are at your wits end. I know that at the end of the week, I am barely thinking anymore, and just don’t want to be bothered until I get some catch up sleep.

When you get a good nights sleep, you are ready to go for the entire day. You feel rested, relaxed, an ready to go for the day. You tend to be in a better mood, and are ready to face the world. You aren’t worried about anything other than what is going on during the day. The whole day just goes smoother, and you don’t worry about things as much, because you have the energy to face it. Typically there aren’t any side effects from a good nights sleep, and your mind is functioning at a higher level.

Basically when you don’t sleep it is like getting drunk. You can wake up feeling sick, with a bad headache, and you don’t want to go to work. Driving is a hassle, as is everything else that you are going to try to do for the next few hours. You are incoherent, babbling, and not energetic. When you do sleep, you are rested, and ready to go, and ready to face the day as it comes.