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Six Pack ABS Guide Lesson

The benefits of having six pack abs are endless. Not only will it make you better looking you will feel good about yourself and you will be a better athlete. Before you can get abs you should tone up your body with an exercises like running, swimming, and biking. The key to getting abs is time and effort. Everyone is able to get abs with the help of doing various crunches and some cit-ups.

Getting toned before you start trying to for abs is necessary. Taking time to do exercises like running, biking, swimming and planning is a good idea. A guideline in achieving this is using the acronym SMART. This is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Deciding on the activities your going to do should be done knowing that your going to have fun doing it. Doing activities with your friends are always the best or joining a club or team. This would help you because people would be expecting you to be there and then it would take out the changes of you just giving up.

The good side to getting a six-pack is that it’s not time consuming. The time I spend on toning my abs up is around twenty minutes. Although it’s not time consuming you will definitely have to put effort into your exercises. I’ve read somewhere that music is inspiring and can help you in athletics and it could help you push yourself if it’s motivating music. This is a good thing to keep in mind since that it could make things easier and keep you more occupied while doing your exercises but you shouldn’t listen to the music to loud or it can make your hearing bad.

The proper technique to doing crunches is having your arms crossed touching your shoulders. You should be laying down with your knees up and pointing straight up. Then to complete one you bring your torso half way to your knees. The process of the exercise is general known to everyone but if you still don’t understand you can look up. Depending on your fitness level you should see how many you can do and push yourself. A tip is to drink water before and after you work out to stay hydrated. You should notice that you can improve a lot with daily practice and it’s amazing how quick your body gets into better shape speaking from personal experience. Starting off you should try doing one-hundred crunches and improve the number after each time you do. If you feel this is easy or challenging you should improve or do less till you get better. The bad thing to do is to not challenge yourself and be lazy because you will not see results as fast or maybe not at all. I’ll end this with saying good luck to getting a six pack cause I know it’s possible for you to do.