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Six Bad Side Effects of Sugar

Sugar is a product that most of us use in sweetening our foods. But it’s something that may harm our health when consumed regularly and over a sustained period of time. The adage, “too much of everything is bad” may be old but remains true and most specifically, in relation to our sugar consumption. Sugar used in moderation may not harm us health-wise, but too much of it can be harmful to our health.

Detailed below are six bad side effects of sugar.

1. Tooth decay

This is arguably the most common bad side effect of sugar. When you eat more and more sugar, more calcium is needed to ensure that it doesn’t become harmful to your body and organ system. But we may not have enough calcium.

And when the body can’t come up with enough calcium in response to your high sugar intake, it’s forced to extract the calcium that’s stored in your bones and the teeth. As more and more calcium is taken out of your teeth to balance your sugar consumption or the sugar in your blood, your teeth becomes soft then decay gradually.

2. Diabetes

Another common bad side effect of sugar, diabetes is a sugar metabolic disease. A sustained consumption of sugar gradually influences the pancreas (the organ responsible for maintaining the right blood sugar levels in our blood) negatively then finally, cause it to stop working or become very much impaired in its activity.

When this happens, one develops diabetes, which may also set in with related negative effects such as headaches, constant fatigue and muscle spasms.

3. Kidney problems

When sugar consumption causes diabetes in someone, it may move from there and cause extensive damages to the kidneys. Our kidneys are vital excretory organs that can be negatively affected by sugar consumption and most specifically, the diabetes that arises from having a sugar-sweet tooth.

Our organs are interrelated and interdependent. If the pancreas (which produces insulin to regulate blood sugar levels) stop working, the kidneys may be impacted negatively and follow suit.

4. Heart problems

What do most people who consume sugar almost everyday have in common? They are more likely to develop diabetes and kidney problems compared to non-sugar consumers or those who eat sugar moderately.

But the complications don’t end there. A person with diabetes and kidney problems is in further trouble; his or her heart becomes weak and such a person may suffer a heart attack one day unless medical advice is sought early and the consumption of sugar, very much reduced.

5. Depression

You don’t believe your eyes and ears? Yes, depression is another bad side effect of sugar. Recent researches have discovered some sort of link between high sugar consumption and depression. How?

According to one of such researches, “sugar consumption triggers a cascade of chemical reactions in your body that promote chronic inflammation. In the long term, inflammation disrupts the normal functioning of your immune system, and wreaks havoc on your brain.”

As your brain becomes negatively impacted due to high sugar consumption; you become prone to depression.