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Simple Tips for Managing your Weight

An awful lot of people find keeping their weight on an even keel very hard to achieve or find themselves back on a diet that simply isn’t going to last. One may lose a few pounds and within a few weeks put it all back on again. Some people may, to their disappointment, be heavier than when they started. These unlucky ones probably lose all hope and get out the chocolate bars.

There is help at hand: one needs to look at the problem in depth. Maintaining a good steady weight requires effort and foresight. For most people the body finds a steady weight and maintains it by itself, and the problem is when the weight the body has settled for is greater than the individual finds desirable.

What can you do? To maintain a steady weight for your height and body type for prolonged periods of time requires a combination of diet and regular exercise. Neither the diets or the exercise you do should be punishing or you will simply not be able to keep to a regular regime for an extended period of time which is what’s required to keep in trim.

The diet should be nothing more than cutting out the junk food and replacing it with fresh vegetables and lean meats. One should mostly avoid red meats and replace them with chicken or turkey which does not contain so much fat. Home cooking is much better than television meals which contain unknown amounts of fat and salt. One should eat regularly and avoid snacking late in the evening. Try to do without cooked meals for breakfast and have a cereal instead, without added sugar or preserves.

Exercise should be regular and enjoyable. The best exercise of all especially for those over forty five years of age is going for a walk or stroll. Try walking to your place of work and leave the car at home on the drive. If you work too far away from your place of employment consider using a bicycle which is excellent as it exercises most of the muscles in the body. Exercise must be consistent, regular and for at least five days of the week. Try not to make exercise an ordeal and remember one is talking about a lifetime change in habits and to be sustainable must be fun to do.

A healthy combination of the above should help one to maintain a steady weight that is ideal for our height and body mass.