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Signs a Child has Hearing Problems

There are a lot of ways that parents can judge whether or not their child has hearing loss. If the child is constantly complaining of ear-related pain, this can be an indication of hearing loss. In addition, any speech delays in younger children or speech impediments, such as a lisp, can be an indication of hearing loss. Many children that are not hearing properly will have difficulty with discerning words when someone is any distance away from them. Sometimes parents will notice that children are watching the way a person’s mouth move and trying to read their lips.

Many children with hearing loss will try to speak more loudly because they cannot hear as well. Therefore, their sense of appropriate volume may not always be right. Children with hearing loss will also require a lot of repetition when being given instructions. They will ask for clarification because they are only hearing approximately one out of every three words. Hearing loss can also lead a child to get lost in the middle of conversations because they are missing important parts of what the other person is saying.

If a child’s teacher is claiming that they are not paying attention to the best of their ability, there is a chance that the child has experienced some level of hearing loss. If there is blood or liquid, discharge coming from the child ear after they have been sick, chances are the child has experienced an ear drum rupture and hearing loss is extremely likely in this case. That can be very difficult to handle from an emotional level, because younger children do not have the ability to express their level of pain in the same way that older children do.

Sometimes children with hearing loss will need to listen to music or television and a louder than normal level of volume is needed so the child can hear what is being said. Many times, a doctor can do an assessment to establish the tones that a child is having difficulty hearing. If the tones are of wide variety, adaptive equipment may be necessary so that the child can return to normal levels of activity. Failure to do this can result in difficulty for the child in many different areas of their life. Many children do not realize that they have hearing loss until they are medically tested and the information is revealed through testing.