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Side Effects of Zanaflex

Zanaflex is a drug which doctors may choose to prescribe in order to treat spasms in the muscles. It is classified as a skeletal muscle relaxant. There are some medical conditions which may cause a person to have many spasms in their muscles, and Zanaflex works on the central nervous system in order to get this problem under control.

There are some people who may be unable to take Zanaflex safely. If you are a person with hypertension, hypotension, Long QT Syndrome, and either liver or kidney disease, it is possible that you may be unable to take Zanaflex safely or may need a special lowered dose of the drug. Your doctor will have to make the determination on whether it is okay at all under those conditions. Women that are pregnant should also not use Zanaflex since this drug may harm the unborn child. If you are either pregnant or nursing therefore, you need to let your doctor know this right away before taking any Zanaflex. Along with medical conditions, it is also important that your doctor knows any other medications you are taking including those over the counter. There are many possible drug interactions that can occur with taking Zanaflex.

You need to follow the prescription label just as stated by your treating doctor for taking Zanaflex. Adults typically take 8 milligrams daily and every 6 to 8 hours as it is needed. It is important that when taking Zanaflex, you do not take more than is needed. While you are taking Zanaflex, you must also be very careful about drinking alcoholic beverages. A small social drink once in awhile doesn’t hurt, but it is important to not drink anymore than that. Zanaflex needs to be taken with water each time. Once you have taken your Zanaflex pill, you will notice that you’ll experience relief from your symptoms within a short time span. Your doctor should also give you instructions on taking this drug with or without food.

You may find that Zanaflex will make you feel light-headed and a bit drowsy. This is a common side effect of taking Zanaflex. It has been discovered that Zanaflex can commonly cause low blood pressures in people and this in turn, causes a person to have a sense of vertigo. If the effect is bothering you, then your doctor needs to know. If you are performing any hazardous activity such as driving a car or other risky tasks, you need to be very careful until you know your response to Zanaflex.

Other serious side effects are possible when taking Zanaflex. People have reported tingling, or numbness, abdominal pains, diarrhea, high anxiety levels, possible thirst and dry mouth, fevers, feeling disoriented, upset stomach, and painful urination. These side effects should be reported to your doctor as well.

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